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Tyler Roberts

Industry Professional Fine Rifle and Night Vision Connoisseur Stamp Collector *no firearm sales*

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Fine Pilsner Beers after a long night of GoOning under the stars ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 📸: @licentia_arms

@licentia_arms road trip with @pixels_and_bullets 👽👽

Companies like @knightarmco , @danieldefense , @eotech , @noveske_llc , and @coltfirearms have helped the way conflicts are fought for this country. All of these companies make some impressive kit

20 rounders, front sight posts, and AOR1 slingsters 😉

Waitress: “sir, what will you be having today ?” Me: “ALL THE SAUCE” 🤣 📸: @licentia_arms

@licentia_arms = Sauce factory 😈🔥

Gotta get that flex 💅🏼 @ferroconcepts

This galil ace is giving me all the feels with its new facelift 😈 @brownellsinc ... oh and yeah that’s a lanco handstop 😉

I’m absolutely loving this duo 😈 ... galil ace 7.62x39 and my @mod1firearms 19x. Absolute perfection 👌🏽

Happy 4th of July. Take a moment today and really think about how simple men, having the same Gun’s as the government, shaped the history of the world. Always remember freedom is a mindset and freedom is never free. We have a lot of liberties in this country that we are very lucky to still have. But we also cannot be complacent. There are many freedoms we need to regain 📸: @licentia_arms


Out here hunting AlieNs 😈 📸: @licentia_arms

These guns are obviously all very different but there is one thing that is consistent among all of them.... they all have @americandefensemfg optic mounts from @brownellsinc. ADM produces a rock solid mount with the best return to zero that I have ever used. They do this with a repeatable QD system that just flat out works. When you can take a scope off and put it back on and still ring steel out to 500yds it’s hard to deny that repeatability. Don’t over look quality mounts. A quality optic and gun are useless without a quality mount to bridge the two systems. Another commonality is triggers. Three of these have @geissele triggers and the other two will soon have one as well. I can’t speak more highly to the performance and crispness of a @geissele trigger. Another very important part to completing the system. Attention to detail is what makes or breaks a system. Invest in performance 🤙🏼

Is there any better way to break in the KP9 than a bump fire from the hip in the black of night while you’ve got a CQBR slung over your back with a @ferroconcepts slingster🤣? Filmed through the @auroranightvision camera which picks up the IR signature of the muzzle flash, super cool 😈

Working some barrel barricades under NODs with the @knightarmco mod2 9.5 300blk rocking a @ferroconcepts slingster, @eotech exps3-0, and a peq15. Working @tatargets Azone to keep me honest ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 🎥: @auroranightvision

I excited about this one 😈 @knightarmco CRS for the 9.5 Mod 2

Lid game strong @griffonindustries

Club Yeet

Just a couple of YEET CANNONS. We got a Galil Ace with a @midwestindustries rail from @brownellsinc , M92 SBR, and a Kalashkinov KP-9 ... Looks like I need two more stamps and some optics 🤣🤦🏼‍♂️

Rocking @jb Uber Gucci 416 with the @danieldefense rail 😎 416s intrigue me and I would like more time with one. The recoil impulse is much harsher. By design the gun is over gassed but it serves a very specific purpose and shines in maritime applications. What are your thoughts on 416s ?

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