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List of Instagram medias taken by girlgaze (@girlgaze)

Cherub 🏹 Photo by @dritch featuring @lilynova97

🐝🍯 Photo by @laaapavi featuring @childishgambino for @adidasoriginals

Many faces 👁️ Photo and drawings by @esotericlens featuring @internetblog

Silhouette shadows ❣️ Photo by @mariyakozhanova

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"10 years ago I remember a night in with friends, playing Truth or Dare. One of the truth was a question to one of my best friends 'who do you think is the sexiest person in the room?' ⁣ ⁣ To what I thought was to everyone’s surprise, she said 'Clémentine.' She also added that I felt confident and fearless and that was . That my were . It turned up I was the only one surprised by her answer. ⁣ ⁣ I not sure why this moment stuck with me. I was wearing some outfit I guess. Skirt, leather high boots with a flat heel, cute tight top. I can see now how she thought I was and confident and seemed fearless. Really what I could see back then was my lack of confidence, my trying to be more attractive by wearing curve fitting clothes and my leggings hiding those I used to hate. I remember laughing and feeling like she was joking because how I felt inside did not reflect what was outside. I also remember wondering why it didn’t... and feeling hurt. ⁣ ⁣ That was about 1 year before I got gastric lapband and decided to hurt myself just to finally fit in, to be thinner, thinking I would finally be happy. ⁣ ⁣ Today I showing you this unretouched images of myself at over 200lbs, heavier then I was before surgery. I love that I finally able to love myself at any size and I love that I was able to distance myself from that surgery and what it meant. ⁣ ⁣ I remember seeing my doctor a few years back when I had the band loosen up and he told me, 'if you do that you will gain all the weight back and will be fat again, are you ok with that?' I said yes, when really at the time i wasn’t quite ok with that yet but I knew I wanted to be. So I did it anyway. Today I finally ok with that fat and I love that I can say that out loud. ⁣ ⁣ I will not seek validation from men or anyone else anymore about my or my brain, I will not hurt my again to change it, I will love myself as I now." — @bonjourclem

👌 @dualipa captured by photographer @janellshirtcliff for @variety

Dreamer ☁️ Photo by @fancybethany

‘caos creación’ ✨ Photo by @carlota_guerrero in collabortaion with @palomawool. Hair by @gloriaricoo

Happy International Drag Day! Support your local drag scene and don't forget to tip your performers! ❣️💄🌈 Photos by @marcelaferri featuring @crystalbethxoxo, @mariahandfriendz, @lolobrow, and @tayceszuraradix

Candlelit 🕯️ Photo by @_vickiking for @i_d

"Heritage? I Puerto-Rican, born and raised in Manhattan. Do you think there is one last Republican politician left who has a backbone? No, I don’t believe so. How do you react to strangers who call you nes? It makes me uncomfortable, so usually I can get by pretending to speak only Spanish or just ignoring them altogether. Do you know somebody who drinks too much? Would you consider to tell him/her? Maybe my mother, but I wouldn’t because she usually doesn’t drink enough at once for it to be dangerous. Ever hurt yourself? I have before but not for a long time. Last documentary you watched? Last documentary would be on black men were wrongly incarcerated, but I don’t remember the ne exactly. What kind of music do you listen to? I mainly listen to electronic music, but I also enjoy kpop. What gender you identify with? I don’t identify with a specific gender myself, I consider a person above all. Boys or girls for ? For love? I don’t prefer a gender for or love. I’m very big on whether I just find someone attractive. What gets you up in the morning? Work, mostly. Sometimes I’d rather stay in bed. Do you like yourself naked? Not all the time, maybe sometimes. It’s very off and on with me. What do you dis-like about yourself? Maybe my inability to love myself. Do you think being ‘body positive’ means we can crucify every person who wants to lose weight? No, of course not. Society has their own views, but it’s more about how comfortable someone is with themselves. Targeting people doesn’t help with that. How many people do you want to date at the se time – in best case? Best case scenario? Maybe 2? I’m very happy with the idea of loving two people who also love each other, but it’s unrealistic. Too many people can get weird quickly. Have you ever been in love? I’ve been in love with someone for a while. It’s unrequited, but it’s not a big deal to me. I have a tendency to develop feelings really easily. Last time you cried? Sunday after the pride parade. The ount of acceptance and love was so overwhelming. " — @lovely__lise captured and interviewed by photographer @documents_on

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