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🖤Aroma 🖤Therapy 🖤Wellbeing▪️Training Massage Therapist▪️Health▪️Lifestyle▪️Small Batch ▪️Crafts▪️NYR consultant▪️✨Me Made✨Notts UK 🇬🇧

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List of Instagram medias taken by Flower Power Apothecary (@flowerpowerapothecary)

🌕Smokey quartz crystal macrame wallhanging🌕 The grounding, stabilising and negativity clearing stone 🖤 £23🖤Available now

🌕Citrine crystal macrame wall hanging🌕 The crystal of light, happiness and abundance 🖤 £23 🖤 only one available

🌕Large clear quartz crystal macrame wall hanging 🌕 The master healer crystal, great for raising energy, attuning focus and cleansing away negativity. Only one available. You can claim this one by commenting sold or DM me 🖤£25🖤

🖤 Large Rose Quartz Crystal Macrame wall hanging 🖤 Rose quartz is used for love, of the self, for others and from others. Who needs a little love in their life? This is the only one available for just £23 please comment sold or DM me to claim her 💕

🌕Mermaid Inspo🌕 Sea Glass macrame wall hanging one available only £20

🌕Handmade Macrame Bag Clip/ Keychain🌕 available for £5......only one available

⭐️Bag Accessories/ Key Clip £4.50⭐️ Handmade ⭐️ Macrame⭐️

🖤🌕🖤 Handmade Macrame Bag Clips/ Key chains £3.50 each

🌈 No, theeeeese are my favourite 😍 Unique Handmade Macrame Rainbows £20 each

🖤🌕🖤Large Macrame wall hanging £18

💕⭐️Pink/ Grey/ Cream Wallhangings.....only £15 each. I think these are my favourite 😍

🌕🖤🌕 Macrame Wall Hanging £8

🌕 All Seeing Eye 🌕 Great for protection 👁 £8

🖤🌕🖤 Shop Update 🖤🌕🖤 Medium Macrame. Only one of these available £12. Comment Sold or DM me to claim her 🥰

🖤🌕🖤 Medium macrame wall hanging is looking for a home.....£8 available now 🥰

🖤 Macrame 🖤 £15 each.....DM me to claim yours 🌕

🌕 Full Moon Shop update 🌕 coming Tuesday 🌕🖤⭐️

Current WIP 🥰 should I add selenite or smoky quartz to this beauty? Available from 16th July

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