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Grail gun? @gunshorts ・・・ What would Thanos CCW to protecc his jewelry?

Dying here. 💯💯💯 @springfieldarmoryinc ・・・ No need to rush Area 51 for the latest alien tech. The new SA51 mid-size directed-energy rifle houses a miniature particle accelerator capable of unmatched accuracy with projectiles unaffected by wind or gravity.

Happy Birthday to the nerdiest gun guy we know. Check out TFB’s Friday Night Lights hosted by @solscud007 @highdesertrifleworks ・・・ Happy Birthday @solscud007 aka Nick Chen! Nick has an expertise at all things regarding night vision. Give him a follow. See you at 2020 SHOT Show Nick! @solscud007 @strength_in_arms @tfb_pete @dirtyexplorers

Now this is FA Friday fun! @yankee_hill_machine ・・・ Something a little different with some .22 action for your @coppercanyondefense • If you don’t own a full auto 10/22 I really sorry. This has been an awesome project and we could not be happier with the outcome. Happy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Who’s ready for some CQB? @militaryspecops ・・・ Who can name the country?👇🌍

I can’t describe the emotions I’m feeling right now. Someone want to help me out? @elevenmile ・・・ Little video showing the color shift of the @gun.candy Scorpion... Project we completed for our bro @moose.66 We used @gun.candy Scorpion and Bourbon. The color shift of the Scorpion @guncandy is spectacular! We finished it off with some custom furniture created using 100% @cerakote - - @spikes_tactical receiver set @rosco_mfg barrel @jmaccustoms brake @geissele trigger @armsinc front sight @seekinsprecision controls @lantac_usa BCG @jimenezsaddles grip @cerakote & @gun.candy finish

AMERICA! was last week... @gunshorts ・・・ SOON 🇸🇮 also mandatory tag for @polenartactical @mancameow and @7deucess since it's a culture not a costume

We’ve been on a bit of an IG vacation as of late. But this should more than make up for our absence... @gunshorts ・・・ 🇺🇸 video cred to @ryanogborn

🤫🤫🤫 @yankee_hill_machine ・・・ Be sure to check in with @firearmblog every weekend for Silencer Saturday and see their on-going review of the Turbo® K 😎 • Article: •

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