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Grassroots events. Account executive @askagency_

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Mountain biking, dirtbiking, kiteboarding repeat 🤙🏽

One of the things I love most about @royalenfield_na is not only my Himalayan BUT that their te is comprised of mostly women. My history working with moto brands is that the industry is wait for it... mainly men. I often the only woman on a conference call or in a meeting. It’s nice to not be alone anymore :)

Come hangout at Oaks Park Rolling Rink today with me @actuallyitsaxel and a bunch of ladies from @thedreamroll 🤙🏽 5-7!! Ride out from @seeseemotorcycles at 4:30 pm I’ll be leading it with @boots_pruitt 🙌🏽

Triumph San Diego

Love being on the road with @royalenfield_na such a great group of people most of the crew is female which always makes me happy :). These guys have been on the road for 2 months straight going across the country!! We will be at Triumph San Diego all day today if you wanna come demo some bikes!! P: @devonhutchins

My friends do rad shit!! Thanks for the laughs and shreds, mountain pies and Bushy AKA Buffy

Hey Portland, I’m producing a private show with secret musician and DJ (flying them in from NYC). Free booze, beer and food, bring your bike. Dm if you want the deets 🤘🏾

Crooked River Ranch, Oregon

Heading to New York this weekend for @bhphoto optics conference! Then getting ready for @thedreamroll skate party at @oaksamusementpark, heading to India with @royalenfield_na in August and then Dream Roll in late August!! My summer in a nutshell. Life is good 🤙🏽 p: @flockaburrrd

Yesterday a coyote crossed the trail in front of me as I was riding and then later I saw 2 deer! The rain brings out all the animals! I took my Bultaco Pursang for its first trail ride. The bike handles super well for being a 74’. It will climb up just about anything. Not V good in the low end but once it hits the power band in 3 it’s a ripper! Going to take it on it’s first mx race this weekend at Riverdale MX. Spring is treating me pretty well thus far 🤙🏽

Sup y’all @actuallyitsaxel and me are throwing a pre party to @thedreamroll at Oaks Park Amusement Roller Rink July 7th! Tickets on

I’ll be in SF this weekend taking photos for @womensmotoexhibit holler if you wanna meet up! P: @flockaburrrd

I’ve been riding my Royal Enfield Himalayan for about a month and in love. Such a practical, fun, reliable and comfortable bike. Switching from a hard tail Harley to this bike just has me riding more. I’m using it mainly right now as a commuter bike but will be loading it up and heading cping pretty soon! I’ve taken it off road and it handles it so well. P: @dustenryen

Excellent weekend @thesteelstampede thanks for all your hard work and for @melissamotorcycle letting me race her 125! P: @briiii123

Good morning! Counting down the days to @thesteelstampede!! I’ll be racing one of @6voltcycles little thumpers!!

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