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Give me the simple life but make it colorful! Southern California forever. 🌴

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What an absolutely delicious summer this has been. Everyone says they want more “real” here on this app and it doesn’t get more real than a picture you didn’t even know was being taken 😂 (thank you @ensleysmommy). This was Darcy’s first 4th of July sparkler and the of him trying to hold it on his own just about did me in..but then it didn’t actually do me in and it was a beautiful moment in time. Shortly after this he said, “Is it bedtime soon?” So my mom and I took him in and gave him a bath and I rocked him to sleep while the others finished up fireworks. The thing about kids is that he’ll be a completely different person next year and I’ll never have “3 year old 4th of July Darcy” back again. But you know what? I have savored this summer and I appreciating (almost 😆) every minute of it. It’s all you can do when you want so badly to “stop this train” but you know you cant. (I’ll try not to delete this picture because I love it but it’s so dark and doesn’t blend in with my feed. I’ll try to stay strong and leave it. 😂😂)

Always rearranging to keep my eyes happy as I pass through this room. It’s like those “spot 5 differences” pages in Highlights magazine. 😂 Do you prefer the pops of color I put in now or the more pastel palette I had before? 🧐🧐🧐 In any case, I’ll change it up again in a couple of months. It costs nothing to switch stuff from room to room and for it to feel fresh again! 🙌🏻

I thought she looked extra cute before leaving to Bible Camp this morning (or Vacation Bible School as we called it as kids..anyone else go as a kid? I’ll never forget the songs. 😊) I feel like so many of you have watched Goldie grow up and cheered her on and that makes me appreciate this app on a deep level. So much love for all of you who continue to cheer on our little family. 🥰

Woohoo it’s !! People don’t actually change and that’s why instead of singing into the brush or tv remote like I did as a kid, I now sing into the swiffer as a mom (every single time I use it, can’t help myself). 😆Teaming up with @proctergamble because today and tomorrow (July 15-16) we gotta stock up on all those house and beauty products we always need at amazing prices on @amazon! This Swiffer starter kit with 12 refills is on sale for 12.59. Check out my stories for the other deals I scooped up!

Palm Springs, California

Gonna be seeing this blouse a lot around here...apologies in advance. Anyway, it’s Hannah Montana o’clock...Goldie and I switch between that and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody each night when Darcy goes to bed..which one would you rather watch? 🙃

Palm Springs, California

Self timer life since the day we met in 2004.😂 Here’s our most recent self timer in PS and a small sampling of a few from 2004-2007. Swipe through and feel free to laugh and cringe at our hair and outfits. Oh was cool at the time and you have to try things to figure out what your style is. 🤷🏼‍♀️😆 We still hung out at Disneyland plenty. There’s also my old bedrooom in Santa Clarita, San Francisco, San Jose, Universal Studios, an In-N-Out parking lot, a wall by our apartment in Echo Park, somewhere on tour in the dressing room, and our honeymoon in Mexico. All very VERY good times. 💕


Like mother like daughter. (See last post in my feed 😂) An old picture because I’m having such a fun summer with Goldie and there aren’t many pictures to show for it but at this moment in time, the fact that there are no “good” photos of it is the greatest indication of us enjoying the season. 💕

Staples Center

HUGE thanks to @michaelbubleperfume for sending me and my sis to the @michaelbuble show last night. We have been the biggest fans for 18 years and these songs have truly been the soundtrack to our lives..all the moments big and small wrapped up in beautiful music. It was almost too much hearing it all live and I was grinning like a fool for hours. Just so incredibly thankful. 😭😭😭 Also got my favorite pizza and the girl gave me an extra piece because I told her I was going to the concert. 🙏🏻 So, best night ever for many reasons. See some of it in my stories before it’s gone! Oh and get the perfume at @hsn! 😊 Hands up if you’re a fan! 🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻👇🏻


I needed a moisturizer at Sephora so I thought, “Hey why don’t I go get it at Downtown Disney and get three hours of free parking??” So I loaded up the kids, slapped on a Baloo t-shirt (as one does?), and we had the best morning in the park. I hope they remember these sweet times, even a little bit. They will be engrained in my mind for all time. Just really grateful for my life. And Goldie took this and didn’t cut off our feet. 🙌🏻😊

This time I might actually cut my hair, I’ve never tried short hair...what do ya think? You guys talked me out of cutting bangs again but what about a short cut??🤔

Palm Springs, California

7:30 . Passing the time waiting for hunnycombs to wake up so we can head to the pool. I get in my suit and hover above him like a puppy who needs breakfast until I can finally rustle him awake. Been doing this since the first hotel we ever stayed at together. I used to order room service coffee at Ace Hotel and put it under his nose to try to wake him up. Haha I get way too excited to sleep in. Are you a vacation sleeper or a vacation go getter?? I’m obviously the latter. 😅 (Sorry for the sleeping picture Gabe but you kiiiinda look like an angel so I really had no choice.)

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