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Richard Di Cesidio

Photographic adventures in Italy Owner of @humative design.

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A B or C?

Riva di Polline

today this gentle giant thought I needed to be saved. As I was swimming far away from the beach he approached me offering a support. I accepted very amused and I grabbed the handles. He swimmed me back to the mainland and I even received a kiss from my savior when there. Thank you for your service! Even if it wasn’t necessary I deeply appreciated.

Riva di Polline

To all dog lovers. A day at the lake’s dog beach.

Riva di Polline

Our lovely nine years old Haru is going along very well, in case you wondered. We’re just busy with life and not so much into social media these days. Hope everyone of you has a great unforgivable summer, as we certainly will.

Attività fisica per due.

A glimpse of warm in the coldest spring in history.

Wet zone limit exceeded. 👆🏼

A dog, a man a camera.


Thank you Mr Seagull for making the picture special! And not attacking my 😉

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