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Emily ♡ Travel + Photo

༶ Marketing Manager ↬ Co-Founder of @seattleinsiders ⍔ Seattle ↠ Storyteller ✎

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Tarasp, Switzerland

Switzerland truly is a fairytale✨🏰

Moraine Lake

Catching sunrise at one of my favorite lakes in the world ✨🏔

Davos Klosters

Sunset reflection in the alps 😍. We were walking up to the lake when we saw a ray of light break through the clouds and reveal this amazing color. We started running and caught up with the sky just in time. I loved spending this moment with amazing people 💕🇨🇭. @davosklosters @myswitzerland


Talk about a good window view 😍 seeing the Matterhorn out my plane window was UNREAL. Seeing such an iconic mountain peeking through the clouds is something I won’t ever forget. Thanks to @flyswiss for this once and a lifetime experience.🇨🇭

Davos Klosters

Find those places that make you feel small 💛. The Swiss alps are some of my favorite mountains in the world. @myswitzerland @davosklosters 🇨🇭

Tarasp, Switzerland

I stood on the top of a hill watching the sunrise above the Swiss mountains in complete silence. I watched the sky turn from orange to red as the sun slowly emerged behind the mountain peaks. It doesn’t matter how many sunrises I see, I’m still amazed at how beautiful they are and how lucky we all are to live on this planet and experience them. The Swiss countryside doesn’t make a bad foreground, either 😉. @engadinscuolzernez @myswitzerland 🇨🇭

Bend, Oregon

Foggy & mystical mornings in Bend, Oregon ✨

Tarasp, Switzerland

Sitting in a field of wildflowers in front of a castle in Switzerland ✨. Doesn’t get much prettier than this ♥️ @engadinscuolzernez @graubuenden

Newbury, New Hampshire

All my favorite things in one photo: campfire, treehouse, and a good friend 💕 @visitnh

New Hampshire

One of my favorite things about New Hampshire was all of the lakes. I loved seeing all of the houses with their own private docks & boats. New England is a really special part of the U.S. and I can’t wait to explore it in the fall 🍂. @visitnh


One of the questions I get asked the most is, how did you work full time and travel the world? And I have two answers: time management and easy access to opportunities. I’ve been doing photography for 4 years, and for 3 of those years, I had a full time job at Amazon. I was lucky enough to get that job through LinkedIn! While I have had many opportunities come through Instagr, most of my professional contacts and opportunities have come from LinkedIn. I love that I can access it anywhere and network with someone where I to find people who share similar interests. For exple, when I was on Maui, I used LinkedIn’s “near me” feature to connect with local brands in the area to collaborate. LinkedIn has 20 million jobs available, but most importantly, it has the community to help you find the right one. More info can be found at

Mt Pilatus, Lucerne

Excited to be heading back to one of my favorite countries in the world tomorrow...Switzerland 😍.

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