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Norway | HE>i Married to @hilvees & Brother of @dansmoe Founder of @prezzlcreative Shop Lightroom Presets⇣

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Secrets Mallorca Villamil Resort & Spa

Watching the sunrise over @secretsvillamil from the bird’s eye view! Nothing beats that morning light!


I will try to be his amusement park for the rest of his life😂✌🏼We have been enjoying driving around Mallorca and stopping for little afternoon dips here and there. So much to explore on this island! If you have been to Mallorca, what’s been your favorite beach?

Secrets Mallorca Villamil Resort & Spa

Nothing beats a good old laid back holiday. Had a great experience at the opening of @secretsvillamil in Mallorca! Early morning swims and breakfasts with an ocean view! 👊🏼

One of the freshest and clearest waters I’ve ever swam in. We encountered so many amazing locations in Albania, but it seems like we only just scratched the surface...

Theth, Shkodër, Albania

This might be one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken of Hildegunn and Benjamin. The photo takes me back in time, it’s like one of the old b/w photos that have been colored afterwards. Ending up in these old villages, like Theth, was amazing and really opened up our eyes for the beauty yet to be explored.

The flight might look glorious, but my stomache still hurts😂✌🏼


AD/ Old meets new. Been traveling with @victorinox bags for a few years now, so I was so stoked to get my hands on these new amazing Lexicon bags that just dropped.

Sveti Stefan

We have had amazing and beautiful sunsets for two weeks now and it’s been hard to decide where we want to see them from. This view is from Church St. Sava looking down at the private island Sveti Stefan.

Playdates every day😁🙏🏼

Theth, Shkodër, Albania

Cold is only a state of mind... or that’s what I thought until I threw myself into this ice cold pool😂😅 Finding places like this in Albania has blown our minds!

Theth, Shkodër, Albania

When you get to live through the Sound of Music experience. Our trip to the small town of Theth here in Albania was so incredible, nothing quite like it😁🙏🏼

Fatherhood. As I’m looking back at the past 5 months, I’m beyond humbled for the opportunity I have had making an impact in this young boy’s life. I feel so blessed that I have been able to stay home during the beginning of his life and I understand I have been given an opportunity many don’t have. As fathers, we have been given a specific role to the Heavenly Father to our sons. It’s a responsibility we shouldn’t take lightly and it isn’t easy, but the only way we are able to teach our sons well is to walk well.

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