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Danny Berk

•Youtuber🎥/Surfer🏄 •Stoked on Life 🤙& Living it up to the fullest! •Youtube👇Channel below!

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Citadel Outlets

Wow😱This is CRAZY! Yewwww!

Santa Monica, California

Flip sesh with @soloflow7 at the beach! Yew! 🤪🤙🏝

Tijuana, Baja California

The New 🎥Vlog got crazy! YEW! Would you send it? Best comment gets merch🤙

Los Angeles, California

When you’re totally out of the loop of what’s going on 😂😂 @lel_m8 that was dope! @miniusa loving this car!

Los Angeles, California

My puppy might start vlogging now😂🎥🐶First video titled (“I need a haircut”)

Breaking in the NEW CAR🤪🤙Thank you @miniusa @mini

San Diego, California

Just a casual day with @demiskinner 😱🤪🤙🏼

THIS CAR IS 🔥Thank you so much @miniusa for the car! I love it👌Yew!

Burbank, California

Ohhh my the boys started a podcast🤪😱🤙They are mad funny! Thanks for letting me be a guest on it👊Yew!

San Diego, California

@poopiesgram is the man! We both on that YouTube grind👊 YEW!

Los Angeles, California

Awkward Phone Calls in Public🤪😂🤙

Los Angeles, California

Learning tips from the best dog trainer @allthingspups today was epic! Yewwww!

San Diego, California

STOKED & FEELING GOOD because LIFE is👌(📸//@landoncloes)

Los Angeles, California

I went to a Job Interview in a Diaper😱😂Would you hire me? Full video on my YouTube!

Komune Resort, Bali

Bali is a Dream! Night surfing 🏄‍♂️was one of my favorite moments🤙🤪Yew! (🎥//@whattheschnell)

Bali, Indonesia

Another day In Paradise🌞 🌴 😎 🌊

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a INSANE 😱🤪YEW!! Comment 🤙 if you would do this!

Bali, Indonesia

Give me five buddy! 👋🐒

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