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Growing up against my will.

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Honolulu, Hawaii

I’m headlining tomorrow night - 1 show only - in Honolulu, Hawaii at the incredible Neal S. Blaisdell Center. @adamraycomedy will be joining me in spreading that aloha spirit. We have released the last group of walk up tix early so go to and grab them today before the event tomorrow! Thx @photoshopped_af for the digital flier!! 🤙🏼

Los Angeles, California

Here’s a to 2001 in when I was doing a photoshoot. As you can see by the orange cones the town was already trying to dissuade me from entering but I’ve always made sure I have blueprints of any location I’m about to invade as to best plan my infiltration. Little did I know the cones were just there to prevent people from falling off a crumbling sidewalk and ultimately no one gave a about me, my full head of hair, my powerful chest, my futureseeing abilities, my best grilled cheese you’ve ever had making motherfuckerness. I’m rambling but within these words is my story, which is now our story which means this is about you as much as it is me. Good day.

I kept uploading the same pic into over and over & hitting old age. The results were.. well, results. If I live to be 600 I don’t look half bad.

Tonight our film American Typecast debuts at the opening night @LAShortsFest & I’m happy to announce with @hollywoodreporter that American Typecast will also be premiered on the opening night for @HollyShorts alongside several incredible performers / films. Big congrats to @mo_abhat & our entire cast and crew! Also congrats to @iamlenaheadey @therealdebramessing their casts and crews as well. See you there! Tix still avail for tonight’s on their website as well as .

I have a GIF for you.

In all the of years pursuing my goals in a career there’s one thing that needs the most work. It’s not tenacity it’s not expansion of abilities it’s not understanding adversity it’s not overcoming demons & obstacles. They’re all critical to growth but ultimately it’s patience. Not having patience and realizing how valuable stillness is can instantly erode all ground work laid out as well as thwart incoming tools, assets & allies from entering your orbit. Patience is like losing weight. Slow and gradual but in the end worth all the time.

The World Famous Comedy Store

Last night on the @killtonyshow a large purple did a drum solo. These are moments you can never unsee. My 2nd appearance.. see you all for round 3 down the road.

Today is the anniversary of my decision to stop scaring the (literally) out of Sir Richard. I’m as dedicated to a good scare as I to anything else in my life. I plot and plan over many, many minutes. I hid. I screed nonsense. Here are results.

Back from a top secret mission. It involved time travel, unlimited power & harnessing the energy of the sun. Okay, okay.. I just went to the gym and did 200 crunches but all those things went through my mind. #👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Los Angeles, California

This month I’ve got my show in Hawaii right after our film debuts at @lashortsfest and right before a big announcement. July 1st, 2019 is a day I won’t soon forget. Sometimes you have to dive into your work. Even the dog days of summer I’m charging forward and working longer and stronger.. but today... Jus goin’ with the flow.

I was such a lonely kid I had to play rock, paper, scissors by myself as pictured here. My mom didn’t give me a “bowl cut” hairstyle.. she used a wok. My clothing was vintage TV test pattern. I wore a ring, I presented to myself, down on one OshKosh B’gosh’d bended knee, as a token of my own commitment to trying to love myself more. I had only heard stories about self esteem and it sounded absurd! Little me was going to overcome all the odds to become.. drum roll.. a contributing member of my community. I hope this pic brings you some solace, introspection, compassion & hope. Or maybe my hair just made you laugh out loud.

‪I’m beyond proud to announce our short film, which I directed, ‘American Typecast’, has been invited to open the prestigious @LAshortsFest amongst many incredible films. I just learned our film shows with @IAmLenaHeadey’s film as well so congrats Lena, all the casts and crews - and all of us who made this film. My co-writer & lead actor Monib Abhat (@mo_abhat) & myself will be there to screen the film and do a Q&A after. I will post LINKS for TIX on my story here and on my web site when they go on sale!

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