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T U R K E Y 🌙

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Some fun little video clips from our trip home ✌🏼 I’ll post the full, not much bigger version in igtv

Galveston, Texas

Nothing beats the big waves of the Gulf of Mexico, he boarded until he nearly threw up 😂

Happy July 4th ya’ll 🎇🎇

I don’t think I’ve seen such amazing colors 🥚

Galveston Seawall

His fav place to be, at the beach 🏖

Hotel Galvez and Spa

He’s happy, I promise 😂🤣

Galveston Ocean Seawall Beaches

Finally sun ☀️And a super fun sunburn 😂😭

Houston, Texas

First morning back in the states and welcomed with a lovely thunderstorm 🌩

Who is this boy?! His teacher said they need to bring a list of all the books they read over the summer, he’s already started, and we’re only 3 days into summer break. Let’s just hope he keeps this momentum 😜

Cebeci, Kandıra, Kocaeli

Such a fun day ☀️ check stories for a little more

Had to go to the embassy to renew my passport and we made a day trip of it. Standing on the European continent looking at the Asian across the water will never get old.

Went skateboard shopping and left with nothing. He’s pretty picky on the “graphics”. Ahhh the life of being 8 😂

When your party is over 😋 You binge out on your last piece of cake, I right?!

From yesterday ☀️ Maybe one day we will climb real lava rocks, but it was fun pretending

Love having personal photographer aka Kaan 🙈🌼

Everyday with you is an adventure my boy ☀️(check stories for more photos)

It’s summer ya’ll ☀️🙋🏼‍♀️

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