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Miami ◦ Human-Coral Symbiosis

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‘Inspector Gadget’ - a scene from our last film Tangerine Reef, a collaboration with our friends @anmlcollective, wherein we see a Pentacta anceps sea cucumber in the process of feeding off the detritus collected on its tentacles (watch the full film via the link in our bio)

Ricordea florida corallimorph macro medley (swipe thru)

‘Oyster Vision’ - a scene from our first movie Natural History Redux where we look into the many eyes of a Spondylus oyster, a genus of oyster used in prehistoric shamanic practices in the Peruvian Andes. Watch the full film via the link in our bio

Mantle Patterns of a Giant Clam

👽 The Cosmic Yawn 👽 - a timelapse of a fluorescent Mycetophyllia coral mouth

Friends, head over to @instagram IGTV to see a mini-doc on CM. To our new followers: hi there, this is Coral Morphologic 🦠☮️🦠 - 📷 by @flyingpyramids

Blastomussa Bloom

Flower / Animal

Ricordea florida corallimorph double-mouth timelapse 👽

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