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We are dedicated to creating innovation that matters - that inspires people to build their own PC, and allows them to express and enjoy themselves.

8F no. 788-1 Zhongzheng Rd, Zhonghe District New Taipei City

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Every PC you build is a work of art. But now that you’re proud of your setup, why stop there? Decorate your setup with premium-quality Cooler Master Displates, available now! Use COOLER20 for 20% off till Sunday, the 21st. Link to @displate in bio!

Get more than your standard headset stand with the GS 750. Qi wireless charging, extra USB 3 0 ports, and an onboard sound card with 7.1 surround capability make it clear that the GS 750 is not your normal, everyday headset stand.

Just a normal SL600M video, nothing weird at the end… Video by Captain Grochat:

Don’t be shy. Say hi to the miniature MasterCase H100! Banana for scale.

Somewhere there’s a sad gamer wondering where his MWE Bronze – v2 wondered off to. That’s why good cable management is so important.

Why copy paste... when you can swipe? The new MasterGel Series.

The MasterCase H100 is a mini-ITX case that can be configured as a portable gaming rig, a tiny living room PC, and a desktop space-saver. Crafted from H-Series DNA, the 200mm RGB fan takes up the entire front panel of this miniature chassis.

We're Ready for Ryzen 3000! How about you? @amd

Swimming, ice cream, cold showers. Good for humans, not good for components. How do you keep your rig cool in the summer heat? TrustMacintosh upgrades to the MasterCase H500 for lower temps. Full video here:

Performance never looked better, ML240P Mirage.

Have a shot at winning the coolest Ryzen 3000 gaming PC in this worldwide ! Check out the link in the bio.

🎶 Cooler Master and AMD, sitting in a tree, with a ton of RGB 🎶

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