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Helllooo & . We interrupt our planet-wide sustainability messages to bring you exciting hometown news: you are looking at the nationally recognized number 1 pic & caption in the Savers nation-wide ! Yes, one of your's truly's l'il ole Commack Savers Instagram posts was selected as the WINNER out of all the entries in the whole country!The caption appears in the comments below. First, LONG ISLAND's BEST NATIONAL THRIFT STORE 2017 and now the USA's best example of how to REALLY GiveASh!rt" about about our environment! Contact us with any questions about our annual campaign to educate our neighbors about the breathtaking effects of your clothing choices on the earth's water supply and check out for more posts. We are committed to this community so please take advantage of all our free on and off premises environmental education programs. We're creative, inspirational, factual, enthusiastic, practical and a whole lot of fun!

***We wear more water than we drink.*** You read that correctly. It takes up to 700 gallons of water to manufacture one new cotton t-shirt -- 1800 gallons to make a new pair of jeans! Why are you swishing around in those new duds all the time? Donate what you no longer want or need (don't even sort it--we can find a use for nearly everything, so no worries about anything that's seen better days!). Then thrift your next purchase (because we have amazing and generous, loyal donors with rockin' taste) and you helped make a better world. Water is a precious, finite resource. We've got lots of tees and lots of jeans and lots of everything else from formal wear and cashmere sweaters to active wear and oxfords. You won't drain your bank account to fill your closet and we don't drain our water supply to fill our racks and shelves. It's a perfect fit!

Hey -- Upcycle Much? These outfits started out as a handbag, a bedsheet, a tablecloth and even just two random remnants before becoming runway-ready wear! That's how these kids Your school, troop or other organization can give upcycling a try with your own eco-friendly fashion show using repurposed products donated by We truly about the environmental effects of every clothing choice. Get to know us--donate your unwanted items, thrift for one-of-a-kind treasures, take a free store tour, book one of our free (and fun!) environmental programs, take advantage of all we have to offer local nonprofits. Improving lives through the power of reuse. It's what we do.

...and so much more! Donate all your unwanted items--we can find a use for just about anything so don't toss it, donate it! We unload your car, provide a tax receipt from our nonprofit partner and even provide discounts for donating! While you're here, take a look around and see why we're a thrift superstore unlike any other. Call or come by to arrange a free tour & learn about textile recycling, sustainable fashion, re-use initiatives, our nonprofit partners, and our fundraising, charitable giving & environmental education programs. 631-462-1268 or

Give A Sh!rt about the planet! The most sustainable clothes are the ones that already exist--donate them, re-purpose them, upcycle them, down-cycle them (if you must--that uses energy!) but don't throw them out!! Be creative & find a use for everything -- seriously, make the choice to just Give A Sh!rt

Landfills shouldn't be laundry piles. We dump about 85% of used clothing & textiles. 85%! Yet almost 100% can be recycled, reworn, reused or repurposed. Don't toss, DONATE. (photo credit

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