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Colin Hanks

Actor/Director/Hanks Kerchiefs Maker/Music Fanatic/Record Collector/Possibly that guy from that one thing you think is way underrated.

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Take me to the river...

You could say that I'm the luckiest guy on the planet, but that would be an understatement. I'm a firm believer that luck is what they call it when you're in the right place, at the right time, with the right attitude. That's how I came to be married to this incredible woman, heroic mother, my favorite human being on Earth and most of all: my best friend. Can't get home to her quick enough. Love you Red.

Here's some slow motion footage of our Rio Kerchief. And some good looking photos too. It's not as blue as that water, but I'm not complaining. You can pick yours up over at @hankskerchiefs

Wanna wish a Happy 63rd Birthday to my dad!!! He's a good man with a great sense of humor. Love ya Pops!

Happy Independence Day.

Our Elizabeth Kerchief seems to go well with this water, does it not? It does indeed.

Three Sheets to the Wind. Or One Good Kerchief.

Four years ago I became a TV husband and was introduced to my TV wife, the incredible @zoelisterjones. You never really know if you're going to get along with anyone you work with, but I hit the jackpot with this lady. From the jump, we hit it off. From our first meeting, to our first staged ”Greg and Jen” picture taken on our first day on the pilot, to the million photos I've taken with her since. And I mean millions. We have made each other laugh more often than I can remember. I could not have asked for a better TV wife. Never in my life have I worked with someone for so long, and yet up until the last day, we were still in that same zone. It was effortlessly easy and incredibly fun. We have been thru so much the last four year of Life in Pieces, and in the subsequent breaks where we got to make our own films and put them out into the world. She’s become one of my best friends and I'm so grateful to have been able to have spent so much time with her. I will miss working with her every day. I also will miss the face she makes when she thinks something I've said is dumb. Like in the last picture.

So tonight is the series finale of Life in Pieces. It wasn't supposed to be, but it is. Much like last week, there will be two episodes. I still don't know why we got cancelled but it is what it is. Regardless, we were so incredibly lucky to have had 4 seasons and the experience of getting to work with so many talented and funny people both in front of and behind the cera is not lost on me. It's changed my life. So, I so very grateful. We also have had some of the best fans in the world who helped spread the word even when it felt like no one else was. It really helped keep us around. Like the lego master builder who made this for me. That was the moment I realized we had something special. So thank you all for letting us into your homes. I hope we are able to make you laugh real hard one last time. It's been grand. Once again, it's been an honor being that guy from that thing you think is way underrated.

Happy Birthday, Tony. Thank you for everything you taught us with your words, your wisdom, and when those weren't available, just by example. Happy .

Because ”show business” must go on, you should know that Tonight on , while looking for some pens, Greg finds his long lost 8 ball jacket. Thankfully he does not attempt to disprove that his ”lyrics is played” like said jacket. If you don't know when the show is on, Google it. I'm not sure what your tv scenario is.

You're right @drunkhistory is a blast. Not only is it made by some of the coolest and funniest people, but also some of the most talented. I also get to laugh my off for a day. Always a bonus. Hope you all enjoyed the premier last night. Long Live Lawn Chair Larry.

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