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Please buy my essential oils. @camera_duels is my other account.

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You are appreciated, you are loved, and most of all- you are free. 🇺🇸

Shout out to @moncler for hosting an incredible trip to Iceland and for a great shoot. Model: @estellaboersma Styling: @natasharoyt Hair: @mustafayanaz MU: @ciaradoesmakeup

Due to the influx of Russians in my comments section, I’ve decided to start wearing an ushanka in an attempt to expand my audience. I have become a nesting doll, consistently getting smaller and more hollow on the inside with every image of adidas tracksuits I see on my explore page. Oh yeah, here’s another picture of @estellaboersma for @elleusa

A little time and travel @estellaboersma for @elleusa conservation

@estellaboersma for @elleusa conservation issue

New story with the ever resilient @estellaboersma . An absolute pleasure of an experience in Iceland. Ate my fill of fermented and dung smoked meats. Arm wrestled a Viking. Danced with the national champion. Thanks to the fantastic team. Can’t wait to return. Styling: @natasharoyt Style assist: @franciscoovallejr Hair: @mustafayanaz MU: @ciaradoesmakeup Light: @jamestarmcnaught / @l_aylott @elleusa

Florence, Italy

Congrats to @ferragamo and for an amazing show. Thanks for taking me back to where I was born 🇮🇹, I’m finally a wine mom.

Hacienda de San Antonio

Some mercurial pool

A little something from yesterday’s faded dream

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