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It's all happening.

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PART 2. ⭐️⭐️Sorry if your algorithm messes this up, I'm bad a technology sometimes and couldn't figure out how to easily make it one post and honestly, I was too lazy to try. 🤷‍♀️❤️😺❤️

Wish I still had my show so we could ask MORE questions now that the official trailer for CATS is out. But SINCE I DO NOT RIGHT NOW, enjoy this clip from Busy Tonight when all we knew about the upcoming mess of a movie was what they teased at Cinemacon. How could we have known how truly terrifying and insane it would be? I haven't stopped thinking about the trailer since I watched it last night before bed(which wasn't a great move, btw) Anyway. Opening day?

I just feel that all of my teen daughters still want to hang out with me. Also. Yes. I put my arm around a headless mannequin for reasons unknown even to me. Also. If ANY of the cute clothes you see on any of us(mannequin included) interest you, get them from literal angel and genius @rachelantonoff.❤️❤️❤️❤️

Goes to Malibu once.

No you double stick taped your bedazzled bandaid over your actual bandaid. ⭐️ACCESSORY OF THE SEASON.⭐️ Cc: @karlawelchstylist

Classic Cricks.

I mean...probs🤷‍♀️

It's an honor just to have had a show for six months. Honestly, an Emmy nomination would have been GILDING THE LILY. And no one wants a gilded lily. So tacky.

For the love of God, when the f is Mercury out of retrograde??!? And when do I charge my crystals? Tonight or tomorrow?

It's visit your friend at work day! @kellyoxford has 3 days left of production on her feature film and @jengotch and I couldn't resist bugging her on set today, even if it's a million degrees in the valley.

Always here for pockets.

To be fair, it was my fault for waiting until the party had been over for 2 hours to ask her to take this picture.

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