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A life full of experience & stories 📕 Trying to inspire & pass my knowledge to prolong the rider’s life. Turnover is too great in that which I love 💓

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Happiest of Birthdays to @lotuslizz. I don’t post my personal life much, and usually keep it to an IG story, but 24hrs isn’t gonna cut it for a someone that may be my forever. Liz was the light that lead me out of a dark place a few years ago, and she has continued to shine my path to brighter places. Completely open to new experiences, we have embarked on many journeys around the world (many including motos), tried rad foods, and expanded what defines our partnership. As we head out for a bday weekend surf trip, I’m very happy our paths crossed, and then merged into one. I love you Elizabeth. I’ll never take the time we spend together for granted. 💞

Laguna Seca Raceway

You can build your house of straw, sticks, or bricks... but you can’t stay inside forever. Happy hunting to me 🐺😈. PC: @maxmandell_

Perseverance Trail

Read the story, it ties into motorcycles, I promise! When my little girl was born, she was a high needs baby, meaning she only wanted mom. It was day and night compared to her older brother who could spend the whole day with me, and not be bothered. Now this dependency/affinity carried over when her mom and I decided to go our separate ways. No matter how much love/attention I gave her, she’d want and ask about mom throughout my day with her. Every single art project, drawing, or gift was made for no one else other than mom. I dealt with this torment for six and half years. I never faltered with my goal of love though. I knew she’d come around at some point. Some days were harder to swallow, and sometimes I felt like quitting when it seemed like my efforts were stagnating, or regressing. With anything else in life, you need to persevere. Don’t give up! This is where I tie in motorcycling. Sometimes we have goals or expectations that simply won’t happen overnight like a change in my daughter’s long platonic feelings towards me, or dragging your knee for the first time. If you push too hard for that change/goal, you can actually make matters worse by crashing, causing fear/damage (in regards to the bike or a relationship). The key is taking an easy gradient instead of a steep one. Ever hear the expression (you know your fav insta-hoe has used it) “Every journey starts with a single step”? Notice how it says “step” and not “leap”. Small steps will get you there, big leaps may get you worn out too soon(failure). I made sure I showed my girl love every time I was with her even if she didn’t reciprocate. It may have taken 6 and half years... but I finally got a gift made specifically for DAD! And I wear it almost everyday to remind me how long I worked for it.

Stop Staring!

Hey Jake, V4 envy much?! That Aprilia RSV4 1100 looking so that even @jakegagne couldn’t stop staring... or he wanted to make sure I didn’t act like a squid and cut back on the race line after we both filtered through some traffic in T2 at Laguna 😂. I got a front row seat of Jake doing a proper knee down back in the lap before. Only other person I’ve seen doing it there was WSBK Race 2 winner Chaz Davies, but on TV. It looked just as majestic IRL as you’d think. Had a convo about the technique w Jake in the pits, so hopefully I can try it somewhere in the future. Also thought I had his slide on my GoPro, but the cam got pushed down, so it only captured my hands/dash 🤦🏻‍♂️. Sorry Jake, that would’ve been a banger for the gram. Let’s try on supermoto soon! 📷 @matttt87

God's Hand

When bae jumps on someone else’s bike for a two up, but you’re not ready to let go... @trackdaz said in the riders meeting (I was too busy looking to see how many followers I had on IG) some rule about you having to give a bike six feet when on the track. I saw that this bike only had four feet, so I decided to link on to make it six. Didn’t want anyone getting trouble because they weren’t paying attention at the riders meeting. That’s what the rule was, right Dustin??? 🤔 🍆

One Wheel Marketing

How would I rank Pirellis compared to the rest, you say?!... Nuff said! ☝🏻

Perpetual Students

Never stop learning. Never. What better way to celebrate your 80th Bday than riding motorcycles AND expanding on your skills/knowledge. I met Steve (@berdesteve) yesterday at @superbikeschool and he instantly became my power animal. Steve has been riding and taking various moto classes/schools for over 40 years. • We had a chance to chat during lunch. As a person with more life experience than me, I got reconfirmation, from what I was told in college, from Steve... “There’s always something to work on or learn.” • Some people learn from doing. Some learn from reading. You can also learn by watching or listening. Most importantly, the best learning comes from a teacher/trainer/author with more experience/skill in the subject we want to learn. • Steve learned from the awesome staff at Superbike School about refining his riding. I learned from Steve about how to improve my quality of life (the secrets to riding motorcycles as long as you can... duh!!! 😜). • I’ve met several students that have taken a riding school at least once a year (a few take a class every couple of months). I also had a couple of students that had been riding over 30 years, but it was their first time riding at the track or on a sportbike. It’s these riders that remind me of an important life lesson that will always be true for motorcycling. You’ll never stop learning, and it’s never too late to start. Make it a point to get some training at least once this year if you haven’t already. More knowledge/skill means safer on the streets. ✌🏼

Ridge Motorsports Park

New gear, who dis?! I’m now heading into my fifth day of coach training, and it’s been going great. I was given my @superbikeschool “uniform” yesterday, and now it’s feeling proper. I’ve already met a few IG peeps. I realized how great this Avenue will afford me to putting faces to the IG names I see so often in my DMs and comments. What’s more, is I get the opportunity to help and see the progress of your riding. I think this is going to be great! I can’t to meet and ride with more of you guys in the near future.

Endless Love <3

Celebrate lives. Celebrate living. Take nothing for granted, and never waste a day. This ones for you Carlin, the modern era Steve McQueen. 🙏🏽✌🏼 Sick little edit by my Pizza Homie, @matttt87

Dr. Sarcastic

My extensive research of what trends on IG says this should be good for 5k likes, or I’m quitting.

Laguna Seca Raceway

🔥 FULL GASSSSSS!!! 🔥 It’s almost time to ride at Laguna Seca. I’m really hoping BMW has the 2020 S1000RR there. I know this track waaay better than Barber, and I want to go fast!

Life Advice

Its all good until it’s not! Learn to identify risky areas. Ride at 70% of your ability on public roads, so you have 30% left to avoid danger. I don’t usually film while I commute, but I’ve almost been taken out 4 times in the last two weeks. The first video is a common occurrence in Malibu because of the beauty, wineries, and many roads to make a driver feel lost. They sometimes just stop in the middle of the road. Don’t blame the motorist. It could’ve easily been an animal standing there, or large boulder that fell in the road. No one will avoid the danger except you. I’m just glad I was 1) scanning ahead and saw them through the turn before I approached blindly, and 2) I wasn’t pushing to my 100%. The second video was one of the 4 recent incidents when a vehicle chose a poor place (often happens in the twisties) to make a u-turn. Luckily I spotted the vehicle right after the large truck had passed. You cant even see the SUV in the video despite me trying to zoom in. Point is, I was scanning far ahead to identify possible hazards because I had 5 fast riders on my 6, and it could’ve been very bad had I not seen the SUV and tried to make sure they didn’t pull out in front of my other buddies after I passed. Stay safe out there guys. Summer can be more dangerous with the increased vehicles (bikes too) on the road.

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