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Brenton Clarke Little

very important but hardly ever

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Telluride, Colorado

Been wanting to visit this place for a long time 💐⛰

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Yesterday at the dunes 🌞

Spanish Peaks Wilderness

Last bit of light last night ✨

Garden of the Gods

No matter how many times I’ve seen this place it never gets old 👀

Ozark Mountains

Leaving the old, quiet Ozarks for the young and boisterous Rockies for a week 〰️✌🏼

Altuda, Texas

A memory from West TX

Airship Coffee

A bit of light reading and a cold brew to cool down on a hot summer day 🌞

“I want to be a model, I’m not kidding” -


Couldn’t stop myself from looking up // right after the spontaneous storm

Le Mans

Whispered at me when I drove by so I turned right around and got his portrait

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