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Last week I did calf deep in the Norwegian Sea to get this photo. This week, I did something even sillier. Both off those "adventures" are now up on my channel.


Confession... it's my birthday today. Another confession: I really don't like when people celebrate my birthday, I think it's weird. So, please carry on as if nothing is happening! P.s. this was shot on an epic 8 hour "golden hour" in Norway with @jamespopsys and the squad. Video from this day coming up in a couple hours!

Waterton Lakes National Park

Happy birthday, Canada. You don't look a day over 129!


Goodbye, Norway! It's been fun. Lots of video and photo content still coming up! Stay tuned. And be sure to check out to see what the other photographers on the trip got up to!


"Mom! Thor kicked the ball into the ocean again". - Frigga, probably.


Me: I don't think we'll get really epic light on this trip. The sun is too high. 3 minutes later: 😮 Be sure to check out to see what the rest of the group is up to.


Midnight sun! I took this photo at 130am last night here in Norway. I haven't seen the sun set in 4 days, and already starting to go a bit kooky. But, with light and views like this, who could complain. Be sure to follow to see what the squad and I are doing up here. And, there's a new video from on my YouTube channel!

Kotor, Montenegro

I've been doing a lot of landscape photography lately (no complaints about that). But, it's so good to get back to some travel photography in one of my favorite travel destinations. New video up on my channel from here in Kotor!

Canmore, Alberta

I've been gone for a couple days, and I miss these mountain views already.

Banff National Park

You must be beary curious about what I got up to in Canada. There's a new video up on my YT channel!

Lake O'Hara

An image from tomorrow's video shoot up at Lake o'Hara.

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