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Art duo based in Naples. Working on relationships among people, places and stories. Love traveling following symbols and energy coming from the sky

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Open call per il workshop Traguardare che terremo dal 13 al 17 luglio ad Aradeo (Lecce) nell'ambito del festival Il teatro dei luoghi, a cura di Marco Petroni.


Bianco-Valente, Misuro il tempo, 2019, Pio Monte della Misericordia, Casamicciola (Ischia), a cura di Maria Savarese, Installazione: carta velina nera, colla naturale, scritta in ferro.

Allestimento di 'misuro il tempo', edificio del Pio Monte della Misericordia, Casamicciola terme / Ischia. L'evento è curato da Maria Savarese e sarà inaugurato domenica 19 maggio alle 12.00 ph. Mario Laporta


Oggi pomeriggio all'Accademia di Macerata parleremo del nostro lavoro

A Berlino per il convegno "On The State of Freedom in Europe", organizzato dal Goethe-Institut per il progetto FreiRaum In Berlin for the "On The State of Freedom in Europe" conference, organized by the Goethe-Institut for the FreiRaum project   .berlin Zentrum for Kunst and Urbanistik  

Bianco-Valente, Relational, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Stockholm, 2018. Relational is a network of light, a luminous, evident, irrefutable sign of trust in relationships, in the interaction between individuals who have at their disposal dialogue as one of the ways necessary to keep existing in the world. This Institute, born from the genius of Gio Ponti and Maurilio Lerici, who wanted him to be the author of the project, is the result of a dialogue between two worlds, entrepreneurship and architecture.  These spaces now host the work of Bianco-Valente, an artistic duo that studies and represents the inextricable relationship that binds people, events and spaces. In the darkness of Nordic winter, the luminous thread of Relational represents the infinite bond of light that binds two perspectives, two nations and two cultures. Maria Sica Director Istituto Italiano di Cultura Stockholm The dialogue with architecture and urban space is in the DNA of the artistic research of Bianco-Valente. The visible or invisible network has become in recent years the hallmark of their work, whether it materializes with great visual impact on public monuments or creates an interweaving of sentences and dialogues in different idioms. In all the modalities, the goal basically remains the same: to attribute, to give back - even visually - a value to a fundamentally abstract concept such as the relationship. In their more recent works the concept of “network” has become more ideal, immaterial, aiming on finding true capital in the relationship with people. The encounter with communities with which the artists generate an exchange of experiences, memories, aspirations, becomes the material on which to work, thus increasingly approaching their modus operandi to a participatory type of art. Adriana Rispoli Curator of the exhibition

Colonna del Tempio di Augusto all'interno della Cattedrale di Pozzuoli (Rione Terra) Column of the Temple of Augustus inside the Cathedral of Pozzuoli (Rione Terra)

Bianco-Valente, Relational, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Stoccolma, 2018.

Bianco-Valente, Relational, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Stoccolma. 2018

Bianco-Valente, Relational, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Stoccolma. Celebriamo i 60 anni dell'edificio progettato da Gio Ponti! La mostra è a cura di Adriana Rispoli.

Bianco-Valente, La mia generazione, 2018

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