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"Your equine. Your bond." Equine Fine Art Photographer 📍MO to MD (and everything between) 💌 📷

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"Juxtapose" • 5 y/o KWPN in Columbia, MO at Knotted Elm Farm ❤️ . . "She is goofy but serious all the same. She ducks under the crossties when passing other horses (like dramatically tucks her head), whinnies to me each morning when she sees me before breakfast, plays hard to catch in the field.... yet under saddle, she is all business." - owner @knotted_elm_farm . . ‼️COLUMBIA, MO! I'll be in your neck of the woods July 26th and 27th. . .

Dolcetto and owner Ali Aitken in Columbia, MO 😍 . . “He is full of personality and one of the most expressive horses I have ever known." . . ‼️I only have TWO group days left in MISSOURI this summer on July 26th and 27th! Barn discounts are applied to 4+ horses in a single location. PM to learn more!

"During Our Time" • 9 y/o Thoroughbred in Columbia, MO ❤️ . . There is just something so classic about a beautifully turned out Thoroughbred. Anyone else agree? 🥰 . . ‼️ COLUMBIA, MO! I'll be in your neck of the woods July 26th and 27th. Contact me to book a session: . . .

Blue Waters Farm

Connection between quiet souls is more than a singular moment. It's contentment and comfort so real that you can reach out and touch it. When you're relaxed enough to give away your status of owner and when a horse is brave enough to let you in, you experience much more than time spent with an animal - you're breaking down communication barriers and trust issues and waves of . You are no longer horse and rider, but two souls who understand they need each other to brave the world. You don't need words or treats, saddles or ribbons. You don't need another ride or another spritz of fly spray. You don't need another pair of chaps and they don't need another long graze. You don't need anyone else either. You just need each other. When you just ARE and they are just THEM - that's a connection. ❤️

Land of the free. Home of the brave. 🇺🇸

This is PJ. PJ loves you. I know this because the moment anyone makes eye contact with her, it's all over - tail wagging, big smile, headed your way for a hug. Be like PJ. ❤️

The thing about love is it starts young and settles deep within your soul. You're born with the capacity to love and zero reasons not to. And when you're too young to know the limits of love, it seems like a natural response - like breathing or your heart beating. I think that's why we love horses from a young age - because it's one of the first creatures to freely love us back. When we're young, we don't believe in the bad things or skepticism or fear. We believe in promises and rainbows and magic - and horses are certainly magical. We love fearlessly and selflessly and wordlessly - just like our horses. And we pour all that love we were born with into them. That's what it means when a girl loves a horse. ❤️

Rip is out of surgery! 🙌🏻 . Dr. Hartman was able to flush out the smaller bone fragments in the subchondral area of the joint but there are some larger fragments outside of the joint that he could not remove without causing further damage. Hopefully they are reabsorbed over time. However the bigger issue is the fair amount of cartilage degeneration and medial collateral ligament avulsion that likely caused the bone chips in the first place. Fancy terminology for a fairly uncomfortable joint with some issues to suss out. In his words, “I’ve seen worse but I’ve also seen better.” The good news is the ligament is not severely ruptured and the cartilage is not completely gone which means there are regenerative treatments to explore like Pro-Stride, stem cell, and shockwave therapy. The bad news is it could be a reoccurring problem over time (he could not visualize the source of the bone chips higher up his joint and a CT may not find it either) and we still won’t know how he will respond to the surgery and regeneration therapies for many months. He goes back in two weeks to remove sutures and receive his first treatment of Pro-Stride. 👍🏻 . All told, I’m just happy he made it through surgery and there are treatment options available. Sounds like we still have a long road to travel in finding his new normal - which is fine because I’m still figuring out my own ligament issues - but we’ll get there eventually one step at a time (pun intended). 😂 . Thanks everyone for the support and well wishes! And thank your to the @midriversequinecentre team and Dr. Hartman for the great care. I’m excited to bring him home tomorrow. ❤️

I’m back from vacay ... just in time to send my horse into surgery. (translation ... nervous!!) 🥺 A month ago rads showed Riptide has a bone chip in his hock. Tomorrow Dr. Hartman and his fine team at Mid-Rivers Equine Centre will perform arthroscopic surgery on my 20 year old unicorn to see just what else is going on. Moments like these leave me feeling pretty helpless. While I hope this fixes some of the soundness issues we’ve come up against, right now I’m just hoping for the best possible outcome in keeping him happy and comfortable. Retired or not, he’ll always be my heart horse. ❤️

"When you love what you have, you have everything you need." ❤️ . . SNEAK PEEK: Catherine and her boys Remy and Abbott at Vince Dugan's in Kennett Square, PA . .


"High Heat" • 10 y/o Thoroughbred in Cochranville, PA. ❤️ . "I just absolutely love this horse. He is fun, he works hard and loves harder. It is impossible to narrow down what my favorite thing about Tucker is to one thing. He has the best mind, you can see and feel him work through what occurring or what is being asked of him. I wish everyone had the opportunity to own a horse like him." - owner Kristina . .

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