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Los Angeles, California

PRIME DAY had me in a ball of nerves! . There were soooo many choices but a tiny budget... so the decisions were stressful 😬 AND the few Prime Fresh sales were not being delivered in EAST LA!! Ugh! . DID YOU BUY ANYTHING? . I ordered a $19 HP Printer now that my Son is going to his Senior Year I want him to print out college info and applications *crossing fingers* . I’m fixing a shabby 1 bedroom apartment to move my Daughter and I in, while my Son stays in the main house with Grandma. I’m DIYing the Wi-Fi and extending it to the 1BR building - ordered 200ft Weather resistant LAN Line and router for under $100. . We don’t have a 2nd TV and since we like to sit outside in our newly acquired yard - I ordered a portable projector that works with a fire stick/iPhone and a 80” white screen we can hang outside or inside the apartment, AND dual wireless in/out-door speakers all for $150 (excited about this one!) . Of course I purchased the fire stick for $15 with 4 months of free Sling services. . And a 100ft space saving coil water for $35 - to replace the bulky and leaking in the new yard. . For the price of ONE TV I purchased all these items AND not need to add another internet bill which would run MINIMUM $50/mo = $600 per year! . I rather install a Cellular security system with cameras to cover the whole property and pay their monthly bill to help give me peace of mind and added safety to my children and Mom 🙌🏽 .

Took my Daughter to the movies yesterday. We watched Toy Tory 4 🧸 . We haven’t gone to the movies in MONTHS! Glad she worked through her and panic attacks to enjoy the movie❤️

It’s the little things ☀️

We floated in our pool and had ham and cheese sandwiches with chips and fresh radishes. . Getting all my Summer Vibes this year! 🏖

Los Angeles, California

Messy Bun Hun! 😘 Amooonnoosss! Using my @prettypartybty Faux ponytail . Took literally 30 seconds to wind it to my natural tidy bitzy bun. ❤️

Raids are common in East LA as it has a strong immigrant population. They go to serve a warrant and when they come up empty they will look for “likely targets.” This happens in a “Sanctuary City” and can only imagine how it is in non-sanctuary cities 😱 . The last Raid I witnessed went after a family. They planned carefully and moved before they hit. . Now I’m worried (ICE) will come back and try to pickup the new family that lives in that apartment! I don’t know what their immigration status is of the current family - because it doesn’t matter to me... they are A Good FAMILY that lives in my neighborhood and that’s ALL I care about! . I will try to share this info with them should they be hit by ICE. . There’s more information and resources in my profile TAB. Please share and forward to your family and friends. .

Los Angeles, California

•NOT AN AD• Ok... sooo.. I’m 45 years old and my hair hasn’t been as glorious as years past due to aging, health issues, medication, stress, KIDS and bad hair stylists that chopped my hair soooo short 🥺 . I enjoy long hair the most. I can’t grow it long any more... genetics 🤷🏽‍♀️ IDK . On top of it all, I DETEST spending time doing my hair or makeup (when I do... happens less and less each day!) . I rarely wear much makeup anymore (as you can see in this picture.) BUT I DO like to wear hair clips! . You can see my natural ponytail (swipe Left to see).. well it’s there if you look hard 😑 . I like my “beehive” hair clip the most. It reminds me of retro hair styles. Recently I decided to buy a ponytail piece and after returning the original “dark brown” I received a much closer color match (Black Brown.) I rarely dye my hair and enjoying my salt and pepper natural hair, but this color goes perfect! . It’s a Long piece with about 6 inches of bendable wire to insert in to your own ponytail and wrap around. You can adjust the length as you please. . I found this to be more comfy than a clip and much lighter. . All in all I like it a lot. I prefer a thicker ponytail and may buy a 2nd piece to make it fuller. . I wanted to share my pieces because Female hair loss is rarely shared here or with friends. There are Affordable Options for those wanting to achieve a certain hairstyle OR like me, to save time styling my hair each morning without sacrificing style. . These are synthetics and soooo easy to care for. Mine last about a year (regular daily use) and cost between $25-60. . The beehive I found on EBay I believe. The long length wired ponytail I’m holding is from @prettypartybty in the “RUBY” style Color: Black Brown . Now you know my “Secret” and hope my review helps those looking to change up their look without commitment 🥰 . P.S. I didn’t use a brush or spray to te the flyaways - don’t ble the synthetic hair. ..

🙌🏽Schedule time for Yourself 🙌🏽 . @karamo ・・・ , everyday schedule time for you! Same way you schedule work, school, kids... it’s mandatory that you schedule an hour for yourself. And I don’t mean a lunch break. An additional hour to begin with each day with will tremendously help your mental health.

East Los Angeles, California

The Lola 🐶 She’s totally spoiled fur ball ❤️

@verythat ・・・ TBH ✨

@deltawork ・・・ Everyone needs someone to talk to.

Long Beach City Beach

Missing Long Beach... I took a detour from running errands for my Boss. Stopped at a local favorite and having lunch by the beach before I continue my route to Westminster. . Kids, I’m bringing Chen’s for Dinner! 😋 . missing you!

Disneyland California

Have you ever witnessed a “change to the world” that you have spent decades adding your grain of sand to achieve? . I was absolutely floored when a cute little girl pointed at me excitedly as she exclaimed “Look a Princess! Her dress is so pretty!” . Awwww! 🥺 For a little girl to see me and think I was a Disney Princess is EVERYTHING! . A short round 45 year old Latina FREAKIN’ Disney Princess! 🙌🏽✊🏽✨ . That’s the essence of BBWGeneration *tear wipe* . May more children see everyone in a whole new light of wonder, beauty and MAGIC✨ . Thank you @disney 🥰 . @disneyland @californiaadventurepark

For a hardy good choice that will fuel you, make your tastebuds dance and light on the pocket: The MAC N CHEESE CONE in Disney Cars Land is the answer. It comes with bacon sprinkled on top (I prefer mine without). They also have a beef chili cone and a Hot Wing Cone. I tried the hot wing cone and was not my favorite. I haven’t tried the chili cone yet but will keep you posted.

Downtown Disney District

@Disneyland and tried my FIRST @sprinklescupcakes and the colorful sprinkles flavor is AHHHMMMAAAZZZIIINNNGGG!!!! 😱 . You’ll find the TINY shop in @downtown_disney 💃🏽 Don’t miss it! . Also, the Plain Caramel Apple with peanuts just about made my cry! It’s the BEST and reminds me of my childhood ❤️ sorry, no pic of it 😬

Now up on my stories... sorry busy gathering myself and can’t resize the picture at the moment.

That was a LLLLOOOONNNGG rolling (side to side) earthquake. 😱 . There’s 2 types of movement that I have experienced: this side to side and the other is the up and down movement. . The up and down huge earthquake I felt was the 1987. I was in my 2nd year of middle school. I saw the HUGE concrete slabs continuously lift off the ground like nothing! . I was early at school and we hadn’t had the earthquake drill yet. Once the shaking stopped there were kids crying and freaking out. There was glass and pieces of wall everywhere and there weren’t ANY staff that I could see. . I quickly went gathering the kids and got us to the field. Helped them through the after shocks and waited for hours for our parents to come get us. . Some stuff you never forget... ever. The Sound and the overwhelming fear and adrenaline coursing through your . 🥺 Then the horrible feeling of “not feeling safe” on your bed OR IN YOUR HOUSE! . That year we slept in the yard for days. We had no gas or electricity and sirens screamed everywhere. I worried our huge trees would fall on us 😬 . Yet I can’t imagine living anywhere else 😟 . .

@fiercebymitu ・・・ CLOSE 👏 THE 👏 CAMPS! 👏📢 // @padmalakshmi⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ (Regram: @themujerista)⁠

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