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SirCharlesBarkley the Frenchie

Seattle DOB 5/7/12 French Bulldog Twitter: @BarkleySC $5 off @stellaandchewys! ⬇️

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One wild weenie, coming right up! @stellaandchewys

Does the of a thumb count as being in ? 👍🏼

Raindrop, drop top...mommy’s cookin up somethin’ in the crock

Happy 4th my friends! 🎇 🎆


On rainy days, and I have indoor picnics. @stellaandchewys

Sissy’s new toy thinks it’s so funny

Thank you dad for all the rubs even though you’re busier now with . You always make sure i feel included. to you and to all the fur dads out there!

“I see you have cheese there” 🧀

Feelin’ cute. Might delete later.

My little loves it when I read to her.

I don’t understand this filter. 🤷‍♂️

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