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You don’t have to be a Ballerina to Train like one! SUBSCRIBE ⬇️ Online Barre Workouts for the Dancer in ALL us! ✨

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Cambre 💙🌿

A dream stitched into a magical pair of shoes. 🎀💫🌸 I still have my first tiny pair of pink satin pointe shoes that hung on the wall of my childhood bedroom for over 20 years! Watching Rosabella play with my pointe shoes now reminded me of all of the hope and magic that that first pair of pointe shoes has always represented to me. Do you have magic slippers too? ✨💫💕

Down time with my . 💛 Are you getting enough REST in your everyday life? 💫 Note that I saying rest not sleep, because with 3 young kids I rarely get more than 3/4 uninterrupted hours of sleep. What about You? Sleeping more is definitely ideal but I figure if I struggle to sleep regularly (nightly 🤣😂😭), you might too. While I can’t manage to sleep as much I would like and truly need at night, I try to make up for it with quiet moments of daytime rest. When we ask our bodies to work hard for us it is so important to set time aside to rest and recover! This is also a huge part of seeing results from your workouts and training. If your is in a constant state of stress, you can’t recover and you won’t see the results you seek. Our getaway has been an azing adventure and a chance to recharge as a fily. I hope summer is offering you the se!!! ☀️✨

Swan Arms, Sister Style 💕🎀🕊🌷🐇My Mommy heart is bursting ❣️ How do they grow so quickly?! Rosebud’s baby split!!

Seeking sunbeams ✨☀️ 💛 Thankful for life’s beautiful moments and the time to step back, relax and enjoy this magical world. Can you spot my mini 💛⭐️?

Are you drinking enough water today? 💦💙💧 Hydrating in Aix-les-Bains 💧 l’ete 🦋

When dreams and life collide 🌿💫 Dancing in nature is one of the healthiest and most natural things for our bodies. We were made to MOVE! 💙

Switzerland ❤️ 🌿

Happy Birthday @misslivalittle Love you so!!!!! ❤️❣️🍓

Calf Workout, Ballet Beautiful Style!Plié with relevé 💛8 sets plié, relevé, 8 sets relevé with straight knees. Balance & repeat 💛 Add a bebe for extra challenge 🤩

Grüezi! Switzerland! With my Babydoll 💙 I love reading your recommendations when we travel around the world!! Comment below with your favorite Ballet Beautiful must see spots and activities in this gorgeous country! 🌿👒☀️ 💙

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