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Linda Parra

Mother, wife, dentist, business owner & straight up G (but mostly Elle & baby Ever’s mom) ❤️

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I have never made a friend that I have had a falling out with. Sure, I’ve drifted apart from a few in my lifetime, but there was never any ill will. I’m still best friends with my childhood best friends, and no matter how much time passes between phone calls and visits, the love is there all the same. When we’re young our friends are our lives, there’s nothing more we want to do than hang out with them daily and their opinions seem to be the only ones that matter. When we are young, the sun rises and sets on our friendships. I think as s, we tend to prioritize our immediate family and children while our friendships take a back seat. I wrote a blog post about the importance of friendships and why they are essential in our life. Let me know what you think 😉 blog link in the bio!

This is real life trying to get a picture of them together

“Cheer Captain” @lolsurprise from series 1! @memourii made this little getup and I’m pretty proud of my tape skills on Elle’s school shoes (they were black)

I’m all tied up 🎀 loving the simplicity of @alexandrebirman heels 🤩 working on a blog post about heels, my tricks, favorites, & tips on wearing them and preserving them 😉

You wanted a post on this outfit deets, here goes... 👚 is @onfourth and I used the tie as a belt 😉 👖 “Riley” cropped (but since I’m short they look more like full length 😂) 👡 are @alexandrebirman 👜 @dior 👓 @gucci

☝🏼 or ✌🏼 she’s definitely a mood (both of them) 😂 thanks for the outfit & 😎 @kult.kid definitely one of new favorite kid lines 🙌🏻

In this episode of “Watch Elle Struggle to Open $%*t” she will be unboxing “Diva’s Beauty Salon” from the new @lolsurprise furniture set series 1. All the pieces are meant to go with the doll house or on their own, Elle obviously loved the paper salon box because we all know kids love boxes more than the actual toys 😂

An oldie but goodie “Jitterbug” from @lolsurprise series ✌🏼I almost forgot the freckles but Elle was quick to remind me 😬 I love her attention to detail 🤩

In this episode of “What Elle Struggle to open $%*t” she’s unboxing the new @lolsurprise Style Suitcases 🧳 and they need 3 triple A batteries not double as she mentioned 😂 I seriously just press play for her and never know what she is going to say or what YouTube accent she will be using 🤣

Spider 🕷 Kids, watch out for those Spider kids

I’m the self proclaimed “Snack Queen” so it was only natural I added charcuterie boards to my repertoire! I really love making these for gatherings and always make a kid version because Elle loves to help make one for her friends. A charcuterie boards usually consists of meats & cheeses 🧀 but I like to make mine fun by adding unexpected treats such as gummy bears & chocolate 🍫 there’s really no rules in my book 😉

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