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Auggie & Querc

Auggie the Mutt and Querc the Border Terrier

Auggie & Querc (@auggnatious) Instagram photos and videos

List of Instagram medias taken by Auggie & Querc (@auggnatious)

Rosedale Park

His foot is still tender, so we ran in boots today. Bastard lost one, naturally, and hopefully I can find it tomorrow morning 🙄 He’s just happy to have the bandage off and be able to do stuff again!

Nyoom. 🐶💨

Just some foliage, nothing to see here people. 🌳

He’s itching to get back in the water... 🐾

✨ Teller 💫

Happy 4th of July ☀️ Anyone have any fun plans?

This boy is growing into a walking anatomy lesson... and let’s appreciate his awkward canter/trot, he has no clue what to do with his feet yet 🤣

Auggies soaking up every bit of Summer he can ☀️ Meanwhile, Querc and I say 95 is just a little too hot... 😓


Assunpink Lake

Bringing roast beef to the lake makes you pretty popular

Camp Gone To The Dogs

Auggie learned how to catch a disc at @CampGoneToTheDogs this year too! Now I just need to learn how to throw it properly 🙄

Camp Gone To The Dogs

We had a fantastic time at @CampGoneToTheDogs again this year, and got some great photos from @stevesurfman as well

Camp Gone To The Dogs

Querc is enjoying his first trip to Stowe! Fun fact, this is a Quercus in a Quercus 🌳

Assunpink Wildlife Management Area

You can guess what my car now smells like. Also, Stark collar to represent for the big night, courtesy of @geyserftw

Assunpink Wildlife Management Area

First swim of the year! Auggie and Querc were super excited as soon as we got there. Teller was just as excited but had no idea why.

🎈 This boy turned 2 today! 🎉 He celebrated by running agility and getting his first Open Standard leg and a Premier JWW Q, 2nd and 3rd place respectively. And he got a new squeaky ball because he desqueaked his last one 🙄

Channeling his inner coonhound at @cabelas

Total Turf Experience

I so thrilled with Auggie, and for Auggie, because he had his first agility trial since being injured last March. And he’s running so well and so happily. He had four lovely runs today, this was his masters standard run. 9 years old and running better than ever. Can’t wait for the next one!

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