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A momma to 2 under 2, and 5 dogs -Dashiell (2)red weena, Emmalou (5) pitbull, Maria (10) sable weena, Tony(-1) mutt, Opie (-1) piebald lh chihuahua

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Picked peaches today from our peach tree in the backyard! How is my oldest girl turning 3 in two months? 😭😭

This girl got adopted today!!! I was counting up my fosters and she's foster number 30! Can you believe that? Wow. She went to a great home, someone who's been a longtime friend so I should get some updates on her! Thanks to everyone that made rescuing her possible!

Alright folks! Maggie is officially looking for her forever home! She's super sweet and sensitive, and absolutely loves other dogs, but is also super submissive. She's been exposed to lots of children, chickens, goats, and dogs. ( No cats yet, but I'm pretty sure she'd do fine.) If you'd like to adopt her, email me at Located in East Texas.

Hi 3rd trimester. 👋 this baby absolutely loves hanging out in my ribs, and already keeps me up at night. 😅

Opie is begging me to keep Maggie ( yes, her name has changed, it's what everyone started calling her) he absolutely loves her! Also, swipe to see how big she's gotten!

Haddie loves her chickens. This one is "crazy head"

I just realized I haven’t posted a picture of this girl in over a week! She’s doing so amazingly well! Her neck tilt is almost all the way gone and her neck is healed except for a hard lump which the vet says is scar tissue. Check out how great she looks! She’s gone from 9lbs to 16lbs and gaining like crazy. I truly have no idea how big she’ll get 😅. Thanks to everyone who has donated! This girl is eating soooo much! 👍 and she is SUCH a sweetheart.

Guess who has been spending the week at our house? She's getting so white! She'll be 10 years old in July. ❤️

She's kinda cute. 😉

I haven't posted this guy in forever! There is a ton of hilarious in this 4 lb . 😂 he puts dachshunds to shame!

This cutie is doing well! She’s not 100% but definitely improving. She still has a crazy head tilt, and if that doesn't go away here soon I'm taking her back to my vet to make sure she doesn't have anymore issues. She's gaining weight now and slowly getting less timid. ❤️ A huge thank you to everyone who has donated! She should be available for adoption in the next coming weeks! ( Scroll to see the picture from her first day here)

Definitely not the best videos, but she's a tough one to get to sit still. 🤦‍♀️ she's much more active and so happy today. ❤️

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