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We love this green and serene bedroom 🌿💚 (via @thisismyhomestyle)

Statement piece stunner 💕 (via @bohofrisco)

We love this colorful Australian home, bursting with pinks 💖Click the link in our bio to see the full tour! (via @thecolourtribe)

Renowned artist @chambersaustelle's Charleston home is total goals 💕See her full house tour via the link in our bio! (Image: @minettehand | Home: @chambersaustelle)

This Los Angeles home incorporates blue in such a classy way 💙Click the link in our bio for a closer look at the gorgeous color blocked kitchen wall! (Image: @bethanynauert | Home:

The bedroom blues 🦋 (via @almost_everything_off_ebay)

We a-door this bright blue home 💙look out for the sea and sky hue all day long via photos from the feed and our most colorful house tours! (via @lafraiseanglaise)

This colorful "tongue-in-cheek" San Francisco apartment wears orange well 🍊Click the link in our bio to see the tour! (Image: @estevancortez | Home: @ginevraheld)

We love the shades of 🧡 and rock and roll vibes of this vibrant corner (Image: @kellysue_decor_delight)

This whole week we're featuring some of our favorite picks from the feed and our best-hued house tours 🎨today look out for peaches 'n' oranges 🍊🍑, and share your photos with us using the hashtag ! (via @quirkt_n_thrifted)

I caption necessary 💩💕 (Image: @craven_haven)

Okay, we know that the topic of rugs in the kitchen is divisive, but we're here to tell you that it can be done in a stylish and easy-to-care-for way 😍 like this kilim rug in interior designer @liz.morrow's home, which she says has a flatweave that's less likely to get crumbs stuck in it. Click the link in our bio for everything you need to know to add one to your kitchen! (Image: @liz.morrow)

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