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Founder & CEO @girlgaze & @theconversation

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My deepest gratitude to @ocasio2018 @ayannapressley, @rashidatland and @repilhan for representing the American people with commitment , courage and integrity .

This weeks episode of @theconversation podcast is with @amberheard who has a lot to say about cyber exploitation , representation and why the most important parts of her “ story “ are not what you think they are . Link in Bio ..

Every single word she said .. @mrapinoe . ” How are you making your community better ? “

About time . So overdue , I can’t believe this day didn’t come sooner . Another victory for every woman and child who have suffered due to this man’s heinous actions.

You are a magical being @billieeilish and we 💗you . &Billie

Always an honor to sit down with my friend @kirstengillibrand . You can listen us talk about having hard but necessary conversations with friends & why she isn’t competitive with the other women running for President . And ... who else is an ambitious feminist ? @theconversation is on @spotify . ( link in Bio )

Words are so powerful . We all have a responsibility to choose them with care . Some ( not all ) of the media outlets play a part in minimising what shouldn’t be made smaller , sensationalising what is serious and in this case I can only assume the objective was to try and soften the harsh truth . Underage women = Girls / children . I know first hand what it’s like to be a 14 year old girl and be sexualized and hit on by 40 + year old men. There is nothing ok about it . Text book example of abuse of power . Respect to the many survivors who have been trying to stop Jeffrey Epstein for years . I hope they sleep well tonight knowing that speaking their truth was not in vain .

I will come clean and say that @thecut is in my top 5 publications . Everything about it is on point . The journalists and articles , the photography and design , just everything about @newyorkmag works for me . So , it is with gratitude that I was featured in this issue . Thanks @lradel for being one of the best photo editors ever and @stellabugbee for being a trailblazing bad . And as a note , I’ve been getting dragged by some haters for being a CEO who talked about shoes in this article . That somehow me talking fashion undermines my ability to raise substantial investment money , create and run a company based on a crazy idea I had to get more female identifying creatives hired, which is actually working really well . Not bad for a girl who went to Juvie and never got a GED .. I a reminder that there are many paths to success and never let your own less than linear path throw you off your goals . I will continue to love my job and my gorgeous shoe collection !

@rupikaur_ puts my thoughts into beautiful succinct words .

What @padmalakshmi said 👇🏼 ・・・ While we celebrate the Fourth, there are refugee families who’ve walked thousands of miles to legally seek asylum in this country sleeping on concrete floors with aluminum blankets and no medical care. This is a stain on our nation and we need to do something now. Contact your representatives tomorrow to demand they . (Link in bio)

Just in case you needed permission to embrace all your scary power @jameelajamilofficial is giving it to you !

For everyone who loves @theconversation and misses it as much as I miss making it , this is for YOU ! 🙋 . Having these conversations in podcast format works perfectly ( if there was such a thing as perfect ) . My very first episode dropped today with the real deal @jameelajamilofficial . We talked about abortion , trauma and learning to love . Hope you enjoy her as much as I do .. ( link in Bio ) @spotify 📸 by my girl @heatherhazzan

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