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Love yourself for who you are, and trust me, if you are happy from within, you are the most beautiful person, and your smile is your best asset. . . . . . - Ileana D'Cruz

Feeling really blessed to be apart of this project!! For me being a story teller is what I love most and honored to bring diverse art to the screen. This new show with @benjpasek and @justinpaulmusic is about to be fireeeeeee 🔥🔥🔥 @Showtime you ready?

Strike a pose ain’t nothin to it 💁🏽‍♀️☀️

🤣🤣How’s he gonna jump all in his face like that?? His voice is FIRE tho! Who is this??? 💜💜💜

Wow!!! This just made my day 💜💜 The GRAMMYs was just nominated for an Emmy!!! So much hard work was put into that show and I just want to thank everyone behind the scenes who brought that show to life ✨✨✨ You did it!! We did it!!! Woooooo!!!💥 🙌🏽

Vibin out! Saturdazeeee ✨

When I started my meditation practice I was taken by the Mantra, “Sat N”. Something about those words held a great power for me. I found out that in the ancient Sikh language called Gurmukhi, Sat means truth and N means ne. Together, Sat N essentially translates into something deeper: “I truth,” or “Truth is my essence.” I Am truth!!!!💥💥💥 Wwoooooow!! I . You are. We are. S N is about calling forth and expressing your true identity without holding back the greatness of the frequency you bring. Not only for yourself but for others too. I love this word. I even thought about using it as a ne for one of my kids 🤣🤣 But imagine if SAT NAM was your ne?? You‘d never be able to forget that meaning, “I AM truth”. So say YES to your own truth! To everything you know deeply about who you are. For the courage it takes to be more of yourself! Sat N! 💜💜💜

✌🏽 of ☮️ = Mood

Had to take a moment to celebrate the FORCE that is @cocogauff !!! She SMASSSHED at Wimbledon & it really just makes my heart smile seeing her shine.  With greats like Althea Gibson, Leslie Allen, @venuswilliams and @serenawilliams, and so many more, you’re in mighty good company!! We all win collectively!! 💥 💥 💥

Can’t nobody take my crown 👑 Shinin’, flyin’, more excellent than ever ✨✨✨

Grab someone that lifts you up and keep em close 🤗 My bestie @ladybroadway

Dead serious about my food cc: @therealswizzz

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