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Ali Zafar

A Seeker, Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Painter, Poet, Humanitarian. (Posts made after 10-10-2018 are by AZ team unless in speech marks)

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What soup do you want ?

One year anniversary for . A beautiful experience made forever cherishable by you all. Thank you ❤️. design by @happastudios

Blessed to have a brother like you @zanzaf. You inspire me in every way. 🙌

Mehdi Hassan Khan Sahab is impossible to sing but this is my humble attempt at his evergreen ghazal “Mujhe tum nazar se”. Click link in my bio for full video and subscribe to my You tube channel.

9 years. 9 movies. So many memories with each one. Which one was your favourite ?

‪My journey in films started with this hilarious comedy 9 years ago. When a Pakistani reporter meets a man who looks like Osama bin Laden, he shoots a fake video as part of a plan to make a splash with the U.S. news media.

Thank you for the love Dallas! New York, I will see you on the 4th of August on the Pakistan Day Parade.

Dallas. A little warm up in the guitar heaven with @asadahmedofficial before the show on Sunday. see ya’ll.

What do you see.

This Friday. 3 pm. @danyalzee ? What’s happening ?

Ye kon larka hai bhaee aur kya soch raha this?

One of my favourite quotes.

‪Best actor for 🙏 I accept this humbly with love & gratitude. Specially @ayeshafazli, @tadpolefilms and Maha Ahsan. Love to my family, friends, my fans and my manager @tahasadaqat who supported me unconditionally till the end. @danyalzee you are love. From writing to music making music and everything else. Special thanks to everyone who worked hard on the film without the deserved limelight specially @xainhaleem, @the.fourthwall and the entire crew. @Andy llahharisfilms and Mohsin for the campaign. Thank you . Thank you @ferozskhan for the item number. Thank you @shaniarshadali for the back ground music. Thank you @shanyhaider @hassanbadshah and for working tirelessly on the songs with me. Our distributers . . Thank you to the stunt team. Speaking of stunts...that hand is not mine... @official_mayaali kindly clarify. 😇🙌🏆 ‬


Last night. . Now off to (well one of my) favourite cities. New York.

‪Wo Orlando! You were awesome. Thank you for so much love and thank you for the hospitality. Dallas see you on the 14th Sunday.

. See you 14th of July at the

Burger 🍔 Pizza 🍕. Khaao shabash khaao @mominsaqib @bilalbinsaqib

Hello Dallas! Coming to you on the 14th of July. Click on link in my bio to book your tickets or visit

History repeats itself. Pakistan beats the unbeaten NewZealand lose their sh**

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