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Checking in with you all about our latest episode of GetPsyched! Check out our video on the psychology of @loveisland in the link in our bio!!

BRAND NEW GETPSYCHED VIDEO!!!! This week we have something a bit different on GetPsyched and something I was keen to do for a few weeks now. We take a look at the psychology of @loveisland where we discuss how psychology can help us understand one of the most popular tv shows in the country right now! Hit the link in our bio to find out more and let us know your thoughts 👍🏻💛💙.


Brand new guest blog post on! This week we bring you a great guest blog post all about how yoga can be helpful in improving and anxiety! Check out the full blog post on our website via the link in our bio 👍🏻💙💛


Speaking is one of those things that I enjoy the most about what I do. I get to personally engage with people face to face. I love creating an environment where I can engage people about mental health and they can ask the tough questions. Speaking at a couple of events with @codeclan this week embodies all of that! I loved getting to engage with an audience passionate to learn more about how mental health impacts us all. It was an honour to be a part of!

Electro Convulsive Therapy (ECT) is a really controversy but still utilised mode of treatment for people experiencing severe mental health issues. Just out the latest episode of GetPsyched and find out a little more about ECT is all about, the risks involved, some of the supporting evidence and the controversy behind it!

I had such a blast meeting and being interview by @nashy_prc on his awesome podcast! A top top guy and we spoke about some really important things. Head over to his Instagram, give him a follow and check out the link in his bio to check out the full episode!

4. What are your guilty pleasures for when you have a day? Honestly, depending on my energy levels its either a binge session on Netflix, or better - a day outside! Be it a park in Edinburgh, a mountain in the Cairngorms, or a windy beach on the West coast. As long as I’m outside in my waterproofs I feel so at ease. There is something about realising how small and insignificant our fears and troubles are when you are faced with the enormous beauty of our world. I think - if I can tackle this mountain, I can get passed this issue in my life. So me, one of the biggest things is taking on too much. I take on everything because I can’t say no. Don’t get me wrong - saying yes to a lot has brought me so much opportunity, but sometimes I feel I've given myself too much. I feel like I have no time. But doing the opposite - taking a day off - seems to give me perspective and realise how much time I do have, and how little my problems can be! 5. Last but not least and a question that we ask everyone we interview, what are your five words for mental well-being? Rest Nature Breathing Time Individual

It was a massive pleasure getting to meet @nashy_prc and be interviewed on his podcast today! A brilliant guy spreading an awesome message. We talked all things men’s mental health and much much much more! Check out his podcast to have a listen to the interview go live in the coming days!

3. What is your view of mental health and needs to be done to improve the mental health of people? I think there are things in the 21st century, which make it hard to escape the toxic elements of society. Social media, constant television, heavy advertisement and consumerism, and the pressures we put on one another are just some of the things which seem to swallow us whole. I feel like it can be hard to step away from these things. Personally I know that I can be consumed by social media, and find at times I have to be strict with moving away. Setting personal goals or limitations for these things is really important. It makes me sad when I see people so consumed by this idea that we are constantly comparing ourselves to others. What it truly important is what we think ourselves, and how we are feeling. It is too easy to have a million different people at our finger tips to compare ourselves with, but how often do we reflect back on ourselves and give ourselves praise and see our own individual progress? I love to see people being encouraged with getting outdoors, or finding a hobby which consumes them in a much more positive way. There is something about going off into the mountains with friends, and coming back almost forgetting the troubles which seemed like mountains themselves beforehand.

For me, everyday requires a mental break from the world around me. The best way to do this I find is by breaking a sweat. Today was a heavy leg sessions but exercise for other people takes many forms. I get asked a lot about how people can develop positive mental health, one of the single best ways is by getting up and moving!

1. Hi Laura, tell us a little about yourself and what you do. My ne is Laura, I a 22-year old masters student, currently studying at the University of Edinburgh for a degree in Environmental Protection and Management. Alongside this, I completing an internship with Scottish Power, and running my environmental blog called Less Waste Laura. I use this platform to educate and motivate people around sustainability and environmental living, focusing on the impact we can make as individuals and beyond! I also one of the te at Society Zero, a social enterprise based in Glasgow! 2. How does what you do/what you are passionate about have a connection to mental health and people’s mental wellbeing? In so many ways, living environmentally and sustainably has positive impacts on your physical and mental health and wellbeing. Living environmentally is all about being more meaningful and conscious about your decisions, and connecting more with the world around you. More than ever it is vital we are caring for our environment, for us and future generations. A lot of what I have learned is that by slowing down and taking more time in our day, we can make more sustainable choices, and reduce our impact. Alongside this, subsequently I taking more time to appreciate things around me. Whether that is the food I preparing, my walk to university, or the tasks I doing, it brings so much joy to know there is no rush, and slow living is the best living. As well as all of this, I encourage people to get outside into nature, and better that - improve it! There is something about being outside and connecting with nature which grounds you. Being out on a mountain or being swept away by the sea air, I feel completely refreshed and revitalised after being away out in the elements! Recently I was away on a ’staycation’ (holiday in your own country) and I was on the Outer Hebrides! We were completely cut off from Wifi and the outside world, with just the beach, ocean and countryside to pass the time. It was azing feeling relaxed and the sense of time disappear.

It was awesome getting to work with the amazing @scottbaptie on his incredible podcast Food For Fitness. Last time we spoke about Seasonal Affective Disorder and this time we talked all things mental health! Head over to his podcast to check out the interview and let us know what you think!


In 2013 I made the decision to go back to uni and give it another go after a pretty horrible time during my undergrad. I was fortunate enough to be tutored by a phenomenal academic named Alan McNeill on my first day. He was probably the first person in higher education that really believed in me. He pushed me, supported me and praised me like none other had before him. I was coming to the end of my psychology graduate diploma and looking at a distinction. I was over the moon and wondered what to do next. I had spoken to Alan about the counselling psychology doctorate but had convinced myself that it was out of my reach, I felt I had hit my limit and I needed to be more realistic. I asked him about the doctorate and if he thought I could manage it. He looked at me, bemused. He said “of course you can”, the classic unconscious support I had come to expect from him. He said there’s only one thing you need to remember. He said look down at your feet, see that left one, put that left one in front of that right one, then put that right one in front of that left one...repeat. What he was saying was that the key to getting anywhere difficult in life was consistency, consistency with daily foundational habits and disciplines. If I could do that then I could do this doctorate. The next year I went to work as an Assistant Psychologist for a year, still staying in touch with Alan. I decided to apply for the doctorate the following year and got in after a very moving reference for Alan. He said that he was looking forward to shaking my hand when I graduate. 3 months later he died very suddenly. His support, personality and passion is something I will never take for granted, nor will I forget the valuable lesson of putting that left foot in front of that right foot every single day.


Future Fitness Glasgow

Getting prepped in pink for the 1,000,000kg lift for men’s mental health on the 10th of August with @macneilfitness! @futurefitnessglasgow @brothersinarmsscotland

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