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In Zero Gravity, we have an opportunity to plan for movement in three dimensions, where our bodies can be in almost any position at any accessible location. Since we don't normally plan this way on the ground, it's a good skill to practice. We have found that tunnel flights (indoor skydiving) are a great way to get our minds ready for the new opportunities. . While we were training in Seattle in May, we went to the tunnel a number of times. Here's a review of our first flight in Seattle. Check out @allegrabliss, @tonicraige, and @whoisembodied building their skills! . #zerog

Zero-G - 2집 E,Z Come. E,Z Go, 1992 히말라야~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~🌁 #zerog

I need real Indica Blueberry (@theoriginal_monsterflowers) Instagram Profile Photo

I need real Indica Blueberry

That #zerog we ran these once before had 2 amazing finds but lost the cuts. Going to run this pack wide open for f2s and select a male for a future project

Idk what I was thinking when I made this sorry 🎐 🎐 🎐 🎐 🎐 🎐 🎐 🎐 🎐 #zerog

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Chasing Airtime

Lagoon Amusement Park

Wicked is an interesting coaster - GREAT first half and dull second. Still, it’s my favorite offering from Zierer, even above Impulse and Verbolten. • What’s your favorite coaster from Zierer? • #ZeroG

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Nikki Barnes

It's airbrush season!

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