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Arusa | Lifestyle Coach (@arusashireenbhatti) Instagram Profile Photo

Arusa | Lifestyle Coach

Respira Yoga London ( Instagram Profile Photo

Respira Yoga London

Yoga con Reich (@reichalva) Instagram Profile Photo

Yoga con Reich

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brooklyn young ( Instagram Profile Photo

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Nursulu Sultanova

"But with every falling apart there is a coming together." - seeker @xiaofangiyoga

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NO VALIÓ LA PENA... Te acordás de “la juntada” de esos dos domingos? Donde cada uno acercó su corazón a otro trayendo algún alimento no perecedero, útiles escolares y ropa para niños?. Bueno hoy podes conocer las caritas de esos corazones y acercarlos más a vos, porque nos enviaron esto. GRACIAS a cada uno de nosotros, gracias a @hildadimotta , gracias a @puentesdelalma y gracias a cada uno de estas sonrisas pornhacernos felices... DONDE HAY AMOR NO HAY PENA. ❤️🙏🏾 #yogalifestyle

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Cuernavaca, Morelos

The best view to see when opening the eyes from savasana!

Divine Yoga Studio

Hey all! I’m starting a drop-in clinic at @divine_yoga_studio_sf called “Yoga and Tea”. Get your yoga practice questions answered or stay to listen to the mini-talk. It only costs $5 to sign up and you get herbal tea brewed by me! Sign up on or through MINDBODY. ======== Are you curious about starting an arm balance practice? Do you wonder how to place your feet in warrior 2? Have you asked yourself how you can modify yoga poses to accommodate a sprained wrist? Ask your yoga practice questions at Yoga and Tea, an intimate yoga clinic where you can ask questions or listen to a yoga talk while sipping on freshly brewed herbal tea. Feel free to stay for as long as you’d like: drop in for 5 minutes or listen in for the entire session. Come in with your yoga questions or message (via Instagram) them in beforehand and get them answered during the clinic. Questions do not need to be limited to the topic. All levels are welcomed. Cost is $5. Disclaimer: The teacher of this yoga clinic is not a medical doctor. Advice given is merely a suggestion and should be used at the discretion of you and your doctor. Consult a doctor for all medical issues. ======== Schedule: July 23: An Army of Warriors: A Primer on Warrior Poses July 30: How to Fly: An Intro to Arm Balances Aug 6: Good Morning! Practicing Sun Salutations Aug 13: Renew yourself: Restorative Poses at Home ======== style

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