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Dustin stelzer (@electrician_u) Instagram Profile Photo

Dustin stelzer

Giveaway is now closed. Sorting through the results now. I had to expand the prizes because it’s so hard to choose just one. So many people in need out there. I’ll be announcing the results on YouTube 5pm EST so check out the ElectricianU channel then. #worldofelectricians

Diamond Energy Solutions LLC (@diamond_energy_az) Instagram Profile Photo

Diamond Energy Solutions LLC

Scottsdale, Arizona

We got jacked!!!!! Some of our wire was chopped at a home in Scottsdale we have been working on by some ally walkers. ’s i tell you ...... 🤬.....Thankfully we made these short wires work..not the best panel makeup. #worldofelectricians

Covalin Electrical Supply (@covalinelectricalsupply) Instagram Profile Photo

Covalin Electrical Supply

Deal of the day! Get 15% off of our white 3” slim LED 3000k gimbles with 360 degree rotation, 40 degree beam angle and 30 degree tilt angle! Originally: $30.60 Now: $25.01 deal expires at the end of the day! #worldofelectricians

Electric Mags (@electric.mags) Instagram Profile Photo

Electric Mags

TOOLS: 1. My JW borrowed me his jab saw seeing as I haven’t invested in one yet, but is this what you guys use? If so, what brand? I did find this @klein_tools folding jab saw at @homedepot ...thoughts? METHOD: Only 382,741 of these 2x4s to go so... 1. Template? Cardboard or Tile? 2. Suck-it-up-and-measure-each-one-precisely? Some centered, some offset. . . . . #worldofelectricians

Previous tenant in this unit stripped half the electrical fittings out when he left. Including some of the wiring. So off comes the wall to get it wired up again. Oh and some of his handiwork too. . . #worldofelectricians

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