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the spiritual space. 🌱


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Gardasil Girls

Search this brave girl Amy Anderson! She DID have the vaccine when she was a young girl! Diagnosed with cervical cancer at 25 yrs. of age! Smear test is so important! This is my thinking here....Is it becoming neccessary to lower the age for smear testing because of this vaccine!🤔 Gardasil is a FRAUD! #womensrights

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QueenCapella Wellness Empire

We are not perfect but we work you to perfection... Call us the Empire Of Body Transformation ✌🏾💪🏾. We are unapologetic because we know what we can deliver and we Deliver them with Full Package Of Passion 🗣. . Visit our Body Transformation Center @queencapellawellness_empire and get that unbeatable Body that benefits your lifestyle and health💪🏾. Get ready to work for the Body you’ve been dreaming about. . . . . . #womensrights magazine

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Feminist candle club

I'm so proud of this design of mine! Its seems to be pretty popular amongst my friends and family. I also got an order online for one that was being sent from one best friend to another along with a little pick me up message. How cute is that! So if you know one of your friends is in need of some kind words with a dose of fragrant relaxation then one of my candles could be the perfect gift! Head over to Etsy to check out all my designs (link in profile)

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