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Alisha Bogo (@alishavbogo) Instagram Profile Photo

Alisha Bogo

I will forever be thankful and blessed to be part of a family that values and advocates for something so valuable. Remember, your mental health is also your wealth 😉 #WMHD2017 📸: Tonexa and Kaye

Eilidh Morris (@eilidhmorrisart) Instagram Profile Photo

Eilidh Morris


@andintothetrees asked me what I was working on a year ago today... if I didn’t use “Facebook memories” I’d have a lot of scrolling back to do as time is such a weird blob and has been for a while. So last year I was doing @inktober and this was the drawing for the word of the day which was “Gigantic”. It also coincided with which is today, and I had this to say about it - “Everyone can do with a hug, and these friends meet at the highest peak of their planet to hug once a year. The Giant cannot touch the earth and lives in another realm, and it takes the Earthling months to climb up and down the mountain to reach the portal, but for that moment in the Gigantic hug, it's all worth it.” . . Tagging @ashlingdraws @bellrockinmama @chrisweebluecoo @howitfelt_littledebz @garrymilneart and @fridas_girl if you want to share what you were doing/working on/ thinking about a year ago today 😊❤️ . #wmhd2017

Wellcome Collection (@wellcomecollection) Instagram Profile Photo

Wellcome Collection

To help raise awareness and support for @mentalhealthfoundation & , here’s an illustration from the very talented @jasmineillustration depicting a man suffering from whilst sitting on a train. This image is part of Jasmine's zine 'Anxiety' from 2014 on social disorder, which aimed to show as it is experienced in everyday life, and can be read in our library ( ref.: Z161). Mainly, where the comes from, what it feels like and what people have tried to do to overcome it. 2017

The Martin Gallier Project (@gallier_house) Instagram Profile Photo

The Martin Gallier Project

Port Sunlight

📕For those of you who don't know what Gallier House is all about here's a little introduction to Jess and Gallier House. . . 📗Gallier House was founded in 2017 by Jessica Gallier who refurbished tired furniture as a form of therapy. Following the loss of her father to in February 2017 Jess suffered with her own mental health issues and was heavily medicated for her and . Jess threw herself into decorating her Port Sunlight home with unique pieces of furniture and interesting finds. . . 📘By taking something tired, damaged or broken and transforming it into something new, fresh and beautiful, by just providing it with a little bit of kindness and TLC, Jess realised once again how important it was to be kind to herself. It was with this realisation that she quit her job and did what made her soul happy, and here it is.... GALLIER HOUSE. . . 📙Jess still takes medication for her mental health issues and struggles daily with her grief but she is getting there and that's all that matters. She is fragile, she is strong, she is me. 10% of all sales are donated to Suicide Crisis and Mind Mental Health. Custom requests welcome. #wmhd2017 prevention

gfnTASwithJD (@gfntaswithjd) Instagram Profile Photo


Finally some positive steps to prevent glorifying @who YOU can save a life. Korean prevention line 1577-0199 📲📲📲 If you are for someone who might consider here’s what you should know. #WMHD2017. < The Afternoon Show with JD > JD와 함께하는 The Afternoon 2:05 pm to 4:00 pm! Find us 98.7fm in Gwangju 93.7 in Yeosu 🙇🏽🙇🏽🙇🏽🙇🏽🙇🏽Find us on Facebook. 페이스북에서 찾아용 ㅋㅋㅋ radio

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