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Shahrak-e Gharb

You get in life what you have the courage to ask for “Oprah Winfrey” . . #wirestructure

Flores - Eventos - Arte Floral (@deborablonkowski) Instagram Profile Photo

Flores - Eventos - Arte Floral

Hoje teve um buquê muito especial de presente! #wirestructure

Hat In The Cat (@jeanette_sendler) Instagram Profile Photo

Hat In The Cat

Hat in the Cat

Jane Smith is going to be with us in June with ‘Wire Structures throughout the Centuries ‘ see @textilesbigcat @janethehat #wirestructure

Just wanted to give this idea a try not sure of outcome but glad I gave it a go #wirestructure

Floral Fete (@floralfete) Instagram Profile Photo

Floral Fete

Say hello to my new pets! Well, they are some new concept structures I’ve created, but I think they’re kind of cute ✨💛 Juxtaposition in Art is something I lean toward. I love how these pokey creatures are softened with the bright playful flowers. #wirestructure

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