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CantinaSocial - Wine Informant (@cantinasocial) Instagram Profile Photo

CantinaSocial - Wine Informant

Tonight I got to check something I’ve wanted to do forever off the bucket list. I planed a five course meal with paired wine tastings for friends and pulled it off! It feels so good to have completed a goal like this that I wasn’t sure I could achieve. I was so busy making sure the food happened and having a good time that I didn’t take any pictures besides this one of the place settings - but isn’t that how a good time with friends should be? It’s just how I wanted it to be anyway 💕 Tonight’s menu: Appetizers served with blanco port: - Bruschetta with summer fruits - Goat cheese stuffed peppers wrapped in prosciutto Salad served with Champagne: - Summer salad with fennel, asparagus, and peaches and champagne vinaigrette Fish served with voignier: - Seared scallops with parmesan risotto and garlic spinach Main served with Cabernet Sauvignon: - Braised short rib with cauliflower purée and broccolini Dessert: - Chocolate mousse A great night with good company. One for the good memories book 💕 Shout out to @dan_the_wineguy and @pembertonfarms for the great wines from the Cork Board wine club - dinner tonight featured two recent wines! #winepairing

Mark Whitaker (@screw_the_cork) Instagram Profile Photo

Mark Whitaker

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Coquilles St Jacques @lacacheavin last Tuesday lunch .... . Outstanding, especially when paired with the delicious Domaine de la Madone Bourgogne Blanc 2016 in all its rounded, rich glory...🍷 . #winepairing . .


OMAKASE of JULY... shrimp/fennel/grapefruit/shiso ・ 7月のOMAKASEもあと少し。 7月のお席、空いてる日もあります! チェックしてくださーい!! 8月は皆にパワーを与えられるようなOMAKASEにしたいな!と思いながら試作してます♡ 8月もたくさんのお客様と出逢えますように!! お盆も営業します♡会いに来てね♡ ・ 【予約状況】 7/21(日)満席 All the seats are booked. 7/22(月)満席 All the seats are booked. 7/24(水)満席 All the seats are booked. 7/25(木)残2席 There are 2seats left. 7/26(金)満席 All the seats are booked. 7/27(土)残6席 There are 6seats left. 7/28(日)残4席 There are 4seats left. 7/29(月)残6席 There are 6seats left. 7/31(水)残2席 There are 2seats left. ・ ・ OMAKASE of AUGUST🎉 8/1(木)残2席 There are 2seats left. 8/2(金)残6席 There are 6seats left. 8/3(土)残6席 There are 6seats left. 8/4(日)残6席 There are 6seats left. 8/5(月)残6席 There are 6seats left. 8/7(水)残6席 There are 6seats left. 8/8(木)残6席 There are 6seats left. 8/9(金)満席 All the seats are booked. 8/10(土)残6席 There are 6seats left. 8/11(日)残6席 There are 6seats left. 8/12(月)満席 All the seats are booked. 8/14(水)残6席 There are 6seats left. 8/15(木)残6席 There are 6seats left. 8/16(金)残6席 There are 6seats left. 8/17(土)残6席 There are 6seats left. 8/18(日)残6席 There are 6seats left. 8/19(月)残1席 There are 1seats left. 8/21(水)残6席 There are 6seats left. ・ ご予約お待ちしてます🎶 ・ restaurant J U L I A pairing

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It’s night at @kramervineyards and this is my favorite . Here is the 1st course. Shiitake & sweet onion paired with Chardonnay. This pairing is AMAZING. so the 08 Chardonnay definitely has some oak but is really gorgeous. The 16 is done with only 25% stainless (and the rest combo neutral & new fr oak) but really as well. Both wines pair excellent with the soup. pairing

Yesterday’s wine for family dinner pairing

The Flying Winemaker™️ (@theflyingwinemaker) Instagram Profile Photo

The Flying Winemaker™️

During Eddie's last trip to Australia for wine drinking and vineyard visiting, he brought delicious Australian ingredients all the way back to his home in Macau. Freddie, Eddie and his sons, Hugo and Benji, cooked the team an incredible Sunday lunch - see what the McDougall's family prepped for us!🍽😍 Eddie趁住去澳洲工幹時買咗好多食材帶返澳門⋯ Freddie同Eddie、當然唔少得嘅係佢哋兩個仔仔嘅幫忙,為TFW團隊煮咗一餐美味嘅午餐,我哋一齊睇吓佢為團隊煮咗啲咩啦!🍷😍 @eddiemcdougallwines @mcdougallandsons #winepairing

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Wine Selectors

Winter is the season of the one-pot wonder, a wonderfully hassle-free way to prepare a delicious, savoury meal that is ideal for families and good for the soul. And, naturally, any slow cooked meal takes on another dimension when paired with a wine that complements its distinct qualities. Check out our wonderful slow cooked food and wine guide for the best pairings this season! 🍷🍲🥩 . . . . . pairing

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