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Nevere Miss a Monday Getting ready to lift weights Chalean Extreme Burn Circuit 3 #weights

Ella Mitchell (@ellamitchfit) Instagram Profile Photo

Ella Mitchell

Still managed a great workout tonight even in the heat🥵 this vid shows dumbbell shrugs which are a great way to build the traps, provided you do them right. Keep them slow with a squeeze at the top and don’t allow your shoulders to roll forward👍🏻 #weights

Last nights workout with the pups! 🐾🐾 🍑 3x50 Banded Squats 🍑 2x30 sec plank hold 3x30 Single arm kettle bell swings 2x30 sec right side plank hold 3x10 Push-ups 2x30 sec left side plank hold 3x15 Lunges hc 2x30 sec toe taps 3x15 Shoulder Press 2x30 sec crunches 2x30 sec heel slides # #weights

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