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Alandra Cosplay (@alandraschaos) Instagram Profile Photo

Alandra Cosplay

'Rage'. . So I'm getting a custom wig made for my Courier! 😍 So even after all these years of cosplaying her. I'm trying to perfect her as much as I possibly can. I can't wait to share the next round of upgrades which includes new pouches, new guns, and a new custom wig! In the mean time enjoy this lovely photo taken by Virith Dolls Photography. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #weathered

write.stamp.mail (@writestampmail) Instagram Profile Photo


Love the weathered look of these outdoor post office boxes I saw in St. Kitts 😍✉️📭 #weathered

Rob Carroll (@r_a_carroll) Instagram Profile Photo

Rob Carroll

"Days Gone By".....Finished, varnished and framed...really happy with this piece...$400... #weathered

Bobby Meadows (@rdm_ironworks) Instagram Profile Photo

Bobby Meadows

Laundry room is ✔done. Butcher block table had plenty of sun today, stain and danish oil dried nicely so I finished up the folding table. 2-2"x12" make the outside leg. 2"x4" into studs on the opposite end. 1" air gap above the washer and dryer. When I started this laundry room, I had to gut it to the studs, replace some old 2x4s, part of the wall bottom plate 2x6, redo electrical, relocate plumbing, chipped up and replaced some of the floor tiles, new sheetrock, paint, added the soak/wash sink and cabinet, and did the subway tile backsplash. I've got a whole lot of hours involved, but the end result was exactly what we were going for. @divinelyhers #WEATHERED

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