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jatin martin

V I K A ♈️  B E R G (@vikaproedu) Instagram Profile Photo

V I K A ♈️ B E R G

Vishal Rana Ji (@thakur_vishal_0001) Instagram Profile Photo

Vishal Rana Ji

Vishal Rana Ji (@thakur_vishal_0001) Instagram Profile Photo

Vishal Rana Ji

Vishal Rana Ji (@thakur_vishal_0001) Instagram Profile Photo

Vishal Rana Ji

Vishal Rana Ji (@thakur_vishal_0001) Instagram Profile Photo

Vishal Rana Ji

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Tripti Agarwal💖

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Sara Angelini

Michelle Yeates 💖💫🎭 (@enchantedartstheatre) Instagram Profile Photo

Michelle Yeates 💖💫🎭

Glad to be back in my own little practice room at Molloy teaching Vocal Technique for their Musical Theatre Summer Intensive. 💕 . If you would have told me when I was in high school that I would be teaching vocal technique, I would have laughed at you. I didn't care about HOW to sing (because it naturally came pretty easy to me), I just wanted TO sing. Now, just because I didn't "care" about it, doesn't mean I didn't try when I was being taught. I did. I just did so with an air of "is this really going to make that much of a difference?" It wasn't until later that I realized how truly important all that ground work was...when I could feel the effortlessness of singing begin. I had been able to turn all the techniques of breath control, diction, vowel modification, relaxation, placement, etc...into habits. . Now I get to watch new students - some eager to learn, and some with the same air of skepticism that I used to have - try to work out their instruments. Well, little sponges, I hope you trust me, and that someday you will realize what a difference good technique makes. Skeptical or not, just try, and keep trying, and eventually you will be grateful you did. Think good thoughts. It's all mind control, anyway. . . . . #voice

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Eugene’s Music Studio

Musical Fun Fact: Music Helps Plants Grow Faster, A study conducted by South Korean scientists from the National Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology used 14 different classical pieces, including Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata,” in rice fields. Findings were that the music helped the crops grow at a faster pace, and pointed to evidence that plants have genes which enable them to “hear.”

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My old acc was hacked

Gjithashtu edhe une, besoj qe edhe jon krenare qe tkemi ty idol. Ose qe munem met thirr idol, je ni person teper e sinqert je vetvetja nuk ja rreh vetes nalt dhe gjithmon munohesh me na gzu😍 Teper teper jom krenare qe tkom en jet jom krenare per gjithqka dhe qe hyre ti ne Jeten teme❤️ Ni person kaq Zemer mir edhe kaq e kuptushme dhe falenderuese per gjithqka😍😍❤️ E falenderoj Allahut qe tkom ty jet❤️ Ti je arsyja qe po jetoj dhe arsyja qe buzqesh ton diten😍❤️ TE DUA PAFUND JET😭❤️ @dhuratadora 😍🥺 @dhuratadora @dhuratadora #voice

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Rafael da Silva Miranda

DESAFIO 365 MÚSICAS - DIA 197/365⠀ ⠀ Hoje vivemos mais um dia frio em São Paulo...⠀ Então posto uma música para esquentar!⠀ ⠀ A música de hoje é "Fogo" do Capital Inicial!⠀ O trocadilho foi ruim, mas espero que gostem do vídeo kkk⠀ ⠀ E agora meus vídeos também estarão no Youtube! Se inscreva no meu canal!⠀ Curtam também minha página no Facebook.⠀ Os links estão na minha bio...⠀ ⠀ #voice ⠀ ⠀ @coverpage.ig @facemyvoice @blessedtalents @brightvoices @topvocalist @coversmusicasbr @vozeviolaobr @sintoniamundial @coversstage @cantores_musicos_br @vozecorda @apenascover @musicianssingers @skills_showcase @capitalinicial

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