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Time Traveller (@danielle.fiore) Instagram Profile Photo

Time Traveller

Reposted from @ilfiorenero_costumery - All dressed up in 1910s style! I'm incredibly happy with my new dress (made so fast I almost didn't take wip photos...) and I got so many compliments for the hat! Not bad for a vintage straw hat paid just a couple of euro... more pics in the next days! ūüď∑ #victorians -

New image. Eulah series: Sex Education From Flowers, Alcea rosea, hollyhocks, meaning: fecundity #victorians # suffragemovement

The Dark Victoriana Collection (@thedarkvictorianacollection) Instagram Profile Photo

The Dark Victoriana Collection

Beautiful mourning jewelry, seemingly with two different people‚Äôs hair in it. I found this at an auction, but it went too high for me. ūüė≠ Well at least I got to hold it and take a picture! ūüĖ§

Esther Fernandez-Llorente (@thecountryreader) Instagram Profile Photo

Esther Fernandez-Llorente

Another shot from a corner of the gardens at Arbury Hall during the George Eliot Bicentenary conference trip. Eliot, of course, always drew heavily on myth and classical references in her work and she spent time at Arbury as a young girl. I can‚Äôt help being whimsical and wondering if she saw them. (I hasten to add that I have no idea if they were there when she was or not: the sort of thing one ought to consider before manufacturing fanciful theories). On a more serious note, I cannot help thinking that it makes perfect sense that Eliot‚Äôs ‚Äėmagpie mind‚Äô (her description) received some of it‚Äôs early training and formative impressions here at Arbury, where the family allowed her, the agent‚Äôs daughter, to use the library. The house is a treasure trove of fascinating and beautiful objects and influences, gothic architecture, Greek myths, imperial artefacts: it is all enthralling and it all turns up in Eliot‚Äôs second novella and her last novel and, I suspect, had considerable influence on the works in between. ... So much to think about! #victorians

Natalie Curley (@curleysden) Instagram Profile Photo

Natalie Curley

Ornamental (?) Game Chicken in muddy farm light, c1900. #victorians

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