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克服という本質 もし 今日の自分が明日の自分と同じであるならば 今日の自分は昨日の自分の奴隷にすぎない 人間の特質はそうではなくて 日々新しく創造的に昨日の自分を乗り越える 其処に人間の本質がある Marie Jean Antoine Nicolas de Caritat, marquis de Condorcet(ニコラス ド コンドルセ…1743-1794年) ・ cap 1900's~ T-shirt undershirt 1940's shorts socks sandals #ventilation

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. . 楽しいこと、好きなとこを自由にやれるって本当に幸せ . なんでこんな簡単なことみんなしないんだろ?? . やった人が必ず幸せになる‼️ . .

. . ちらりと薔薇が見えるワンポイント🌹 . 何事もさりげなさが素敵😍😍 . .

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get hot just like humans do. Be prepared to support them during extreme heat by taking a look at water, #ventilation, nutrition and helping to make sure they have easy access to these. If you don't, your experience may be less enjoyable.

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. . みんな大好きyeezy350😳✨

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I designed and taught since I researched and designed my MArch dissertation almost 19 years ago (one of the firsts who went after ) and now on my way to become a and ! Not an easy path! This is my third course with . Day2 of the 4-day course 120A and with a great experienced instructor from finished. Lots of , , , #ventilation, calculations and ! It's interesting to see how dictates and systems in different regions. Coming from and design in a hot and dry climate with lots of activities and to a mainly in a cold and humid climate with events means working with totally different design and systems. Towards a !

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Caleb & Alice Pearson

Richmond, New Zealand

We know Nelson gets drought conditions, so we are playing our part to save on water 😂 OK, licking windows may not be the most hygienic way to stay hydrated, or another water feature we want inside our house. We do know that all this moisture doesn't make for a very dry or healthy home. So we are arranging an install of a @unoventnz ventilation system to bring some of that air from the roof space into our rooms to dry them out. Looking forward to this going in and no more moisture! #ventilation

. . 今日のコーデ投稿 最近筋トレが出来ていない💪💪💪 Tennis🎾も出来ていない🙌 今日も会社トホホ😱

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