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Julian Franco (@julesohmighty) Instagram Profile Photo

Julian Franco

Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan

Trans Lives Matter It’s important to know who you are and know that no matter what you identify as you are loved. Sometimes though you don’t know who you are right off the back. Even for me growing up was a rotating door. At one point believe it or not I was a cross dresser in high school. Long hair, fake boobs, and all. But looking back now I know it was about self discovery. My journey was hard and if I had the resources that we see today I know I can strive to give “our” community the support it truly needs. livesmatter #unitedwedream lifeline life

Lawton, Oklahoma

Suficiente es suficiente. Es indignante, inhumano por lo que le están haciendo a nuestros hijos a nuestra gente. Estamos aquí para exigir el cierre de los campamentos. Para abolir ICE, queremos un mejor hoy, un mejor mañana y un futuro mejor. #unitedwedream

Red State Revolt (@redstaterevolt) Instagram Profile Photo

Red State Revolt

Singing in solidarity following the profound action at the gates of Fort Sill. #unitedwedream

Progressive Women Of OKC (@progressivewomenokc) Instagram Profile Photo

Progressive Women Of OKC

Fort Sill Army Base

For generations, the land that Fort Sill stands on and the entirety of Oklahoma has been used to build camps and prisons to detain indigenous people and erase their existence. Today’s disregard for humanity is no different. A new generation of indigenous people are being driven from their homes only to find themselves imprisoned by the descendants of this land’s original colonizers. They caged indigenous people then and they are caging indigenous people now. Today, we rallied because we refuse to stay silent while Fort Sill is used as a concentration camp. Our country has a dark history of detaining and incarcerating people of color. We cannot allow history to keep repeating itself. #unitedwedream

Grassroots Global Justice (@ggjalliance) Instagram Profile Photo

Grassroots Global Justice

Lawton, Oklahoma

CLOSE THE CAMPS PROTEST: Native Oklahomans, Black, Japanese, Jewish, and Undocumented leaders are outside Ft. Sill, which is about to be opened to cage immigrants. Demand elected officials ! Take Action: (via Stand with Migrants! We demand to and Action today in Oklahoma led by #UnitedWeDream and many others

Molly Hickey (@mollhickey) Instagram Profile Photo

Molly Hickey

Chicago, Illinois

This is happening. What to do: • Contact your members of Congress & local reps. Tell them that you want impending raids by Immigration & Customs Enforcement to be called off & detention conditions improved. • Report & document raids/arrests to local hotlines, like @unitedwedream “MigraWatch” • Donate to nonprofits providing free legal aid to immigrants and families of those currently detained (@unitedwedream @aclu_nationwide @immfamtogether @savethechildren @ijcorps etc.) • Stay informed & speak up (Nonprofit resources from @nytimes )

Elizabeth Anu Lawrence Esq. (@elawrencelaw) Instagram Profile Photo

Elizabeth Anu Lawrence Esq.

We Breathe Immigration law! For assistance, please give us a call at (410) 986-0088. _____ #unitedwedream

Una Obra Sobre Travesías (@sheltercnp) Instagram Profile Photo

Una Obra Sobre Travesías

Finding Shelter has been selected to screen as part of NewFilmmakers Los Angeles (NFMLA) Film Festival co-hosted in partnership with The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Screening will take place at The Academy's ‪Linwood‬ Dunn Theater in Hollywood ‪on September 14th, 2019‬. #unitedwedream

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