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Kristen Sinker (@ksinker) Instagram Profile Photo

Kristen Sinker

Sunday brunch is my favorite activity 🤗 #tryingnottodie

Carrie Hong (@carrieehong) Instagram Profile Photo

Carrie Hong

How I'm smiling and giving the photographer two thumbs up while running in this torturous heat is a question I'm still asking myself, but this was a pretty fun moment. 😃 #tryingnottodie

Stefani Amelia (@escapethlabyrinth) Instagram Profile Photo

Stefani Amelia

Nesconset, New York

So, because my apartment becomes an oven in the summer (sitting at 90+ with A/C blasting). Myself and the pets have fled to the “vacation house” (aka mom’s) Let’s talk about how central air is basically magic 😶

Steve Bailey (@stevebailey23) Instagram Profile Photo

Steve Bailey

5k in 100 degree weather... I’ve had better ideas. #tryingnottodie

Y’all, is a motherfucker! In Sept 2018, I went back to work after 12 years of being a full-time wife and mother. Unfortunately, during those 12 years, I allowed the people whom I love to treat me as less-than and devalue me. I gave up living and did not take care of myself. Everyone and everything ce before self-care. Proper nutrition, exercise, even sleep and sometimes personal hygiene bece too much effort. After all, if no one else valued me, why should I? Honestly, is not morbid obesity with related health conditions not simply the slowest suicide, and legal? Seriously, the doctors who are honest and forthright and try to tell people the truth get bashed, so the vast majority of them stopped trying. After all, you know how bad you feel, you know how you look, you know no one can change your life for you. I trying desperately to get my head on straight and take care of myself. I feel like I suffocating and I fat suit. Literally, sometimes I feel like I can’t breathe because of the weight. Am I looking for sympathy? No. I don’t care if anyone reads this post. This is all for me, trying to hold myself accountable and, hopefully, one day look back at how far I have come. If you are struggling, I will be here for you. #TryingNotToDie

Cynthia Cease (@asianlily26) Instagram Profile Photo

Cynthia Cease

See Karen I can rock climb too! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 #tryingnottodie @karebear_co @ceasemichael

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