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Samantha Nicole

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Eneko Ruiz de Loizaga

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Jherson Miguel 💥

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Let's Go Sightseeing

Qutub Minar

Quaint Qutub Series Part 21 I look back at the Qutub Minar from the Alauddin Khilji Tomb. Still there... Towering & reassuring! Trivia: Public was allowed access to the top of the Qutub. In 1981, the staircase lighting failed & a stampede ensued... 47 tourists, mostly children, were crushed to death. The Minar was then closed to the public. #trivia

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Cover Driving

Can you name the 3 New Zealanders who have topped the run-scoring charts at the World Cup? #Trivia

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OGV Energy

The only issue is moving the energy from orbit back to the ground... ! #trivia #trivia

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Trivia With Mike Sleeper

20 different blockbuster films from the 90s... Let's see how much you recall...?? The show starts at 7pm, come join us and play for FREE! #Trivia

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