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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

It’s Wednesday, that means the Winter Night Market is on tonight! 🌙✨ You can find everything you love at Spotty Dot (including our adorable Train Table 🚂) as well as some pretty lights and balloons! We hope to see you there! 🌈⭐️ • • • ets

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Don't forget to download the free intelino smart train companion app to extend the possibilities of more ways to play with and control the train. Our app turns your smart phone or tablet into the train’s interactive dashboard with a range of remote control features and real-time feedback from the train. Learn more:

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Cowes, Isle Of Wight, United Kingdom

I’ve been stepping on train track and tripping over box loads of it thinking what’s the point of having train sets cause they just seem to be such a to put together and then keep coming apart. I spotted this table and train set on a site and sent andy off this morning to collect it. I also made him film how it went together so he could come back and put it up so it actually works (not my strong point)! We’ve stuck some bits together already and plan to get the rest secured ASAP, it’s just the worst thing about train sets is the whinging every 4 seconds when it collapses. They all love it but Ollie especially loves it, he’s been playing so nicely with the others and by himself. He keeps coming to get me though and I making a point of actually sitting with him while he plays when I get a chance. Toby has enjoyed it too but still prefers his cars and guttering 😂. Jakey is moving between all the rooms playing with everything and making daddy read books 😂. Super playing boys !! Xxx #trainsets

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Virginie Lykins

Musée du Jouet - Colmar

At the Colmar toy museum with the best tour partner - my Papa. There were other toys, but the trains were absolutely amazing. #trainsets

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Comment below and name toys or games that will never go out of style. We'll get it started by saying...toy trains! 🚆 s

My first girlfriend from middle school and one of my oldest friends to this day. Her Aunt moved in her Grandmas house. Anyways they found these in their attic. Talk about a find. She was very kind and gave em to me. Janet my first girlfriend literally hit me up when they found these. I literally geeked out at this. I remember as a child my parents could not afford these. Now I have em. So stoked. Yes they were left built in plastic containers for nearly 20 years. Here are some videos of me getting them running. So I did a basic large track and it wasn’t going at all. So I cut it down to this size and checked each connection, then I rubbed the rails down to remove any dust or other particles. After that it started moving. I feel like a little kid again. For the most part they are mostly complete. Unfortunately I don’t have instructions for the yellow train or the black engine. sets ’s ’s

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